neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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The Beginning.

As I stood in the shadow of the tower of life, I felt so afraid, for thou was intimidating. Okay, bad start. Either way, I stood there, looking at this massive building. How had I not seen it here before? Wow. It was huge. ‘Maybe I can just walk away? And pretend I never came here?’ Nah. I came all this way, and I had promised Pat I would go in for him. And when I make a promise, I keep it.

Stepping in, I saw Pat standing there, with a man holding a phone at his left, and another guy to his right. Great. I’ve been here 2 seconds and I have to interact with strangers again. I hate meeting new people. I didn’t used to, but I will get to that later. Right now, I gotta take a walk. I stepped in here, and he has seen me. Now all that’s left is…

“Hi and bye, Pat. You too, random phone man, and don’t call me maybe. And nice not meeting you, anonymous tall man at pat’s right.” I turned to leave.

“You’re right, Pat. He is strange. Not normal at all.” The man on Pat’s right said.

I stopped walking. I knew I shouldn't have, but I couldn’t leave it at that. “Not Normal? How do you define normal? Really, who is normal? Is there really a standard as a normal person, and what is it? Who, really, is normal?”

The guy chuckled. “Told you I could keep him there for ten seconds.” Pat looked displeased as he passed some bills to him.

“Fair’s fair,” Pat mumbled. Guess he lost a bet.

Pat looked up at me, and winked. “Sorry for the intro there.” He apologized. “This is Loen.” He gestured to the man at his right.

“So your right hand man is Leroy Jenkins?” I quipped.

“That name has abused so many times…” Loen cursed. Despite harsh words, he was smirking. Good thing he can take a joke. I don’t want another ‘WHAT YOU SAY, LIL’ BOY?!’ again. Wasn’t pretty. Involved bad words, poor use of grammar and lots of testosterone. And mean looks. I don’t like mean looks. Mean looks are mean, I mean. It’s what they mean is what is mean I mean… never mind, that was a poor attempt at humor.

“Loen here has been around for a long time, and knows his way around. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask him.” Pat started.

I raised my hand. Taken aback by the gesture, Pat responded, “Yes, Goldie?”

“Where is the bathroom? Because on the way here I was so busy staying hydrated I forgot to hit the little astronaut’s room.”

“So, first you call them short, and then call them minor? Wow, do you not respect midgets? They starred in Snow White, you know. But afterwards they were promoted from ‘7 Dwarfs’ to ‘Heaven’s Turf.’ Too much beer to party with, I guess,” the guy on Pat’s left was saying.

Loen and Pat both slowly turned and looked at him with cold looks.

“I…uh…think I left the bath tub running.” With that he retreated to a room down the hall. (I later found out this was the broom closet. Don’t ask why.)

Pat turned back to face me. “With that behind us, let’s take a looksee around, shall we?”

“Well, whatever you say, goes, I guess.” I replied.

“If it were that way, then my room wouldn’t be up so many levels. I hate walking up those stairs. By the time I get to my room, it’s time to leave.”

“There are hours and work days here?” I queried.

“Only for those who see it that way. This is not a paying job, but it does pay.” Pat clarified.

“How so?” How can one get paid and not get paid?

Pat thought about it for a bit. “Okay, let me put it like this,” he said, putting his hands close together as if clapping. “On this side, is money, and on the other side,” he raised his left hand, “is the pay we get.”

He stuck his left hand out and I shook it again. “I still don’t get it.”

“Maybe one day you will, and you will see the true reward for being in neonDragon.” Pat turned and started walking towards the elevator.

After a moment of awkward silence in the small room, I decided to break the ice. “So, where to first? The giant space telescope? The gyrating room of bouncy balls? OH! How about the Disney world simulator? I hear they have free hats!”

“The Editorial Office.” He stated.

“Oh. Do I get to do a crossword?”

“You touch anything, and you won’t be writing ever again.” Pat warned.

“You would do that to me?” I stammered.

The doors finally opened to reveal something akin to an office, complete with cubicles and a master room with glass walls. “I won’t, but they might.” He gestured to the others in the room.

My heart fluttered with anxiety as I saw so many people working hard, and hoped I could get by and see what Pat wanted to show me without---

“Hey everybody, I want you to meet somebody. His name is Goldie.” Pat announced.

So much for that. My heart skipped a beat as a thousand pairs of eyes set on me. (Okay, not a thousand, more like twenty, but it SURE FELT LIKE IT). Nervously, I scanned the room and recalled I hadn’t been to the bathroom in a few hours. “Ummmm…” I stuttered. I froze worse than Windows 5 on a bad day. “Hi. My name is Pat…”

Pat looked amused. “No, MY name is Pat. You're Mickey Mouse.”

“Right.” My mind rushing so fast I didn’t catch on. “My name is Mickey Mouse…”

Pat giggled. “Okay, let’s take you to see some of the top brass.” He walked towards the main offices, realized my mind was not the only thing frozen, and dragged me with him. “So, this guy may be a bit messy, so don’t step on his stuff.” Pat cautioned.

“Hey, I’m not Mickey Mouse…” I finally realized.

Pat barked a laugh. “You’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?” he asked rhetorically.

“Mom always said to stay away from sharp stuff.” I joked.

“Then your mom never met me, or she would have told you different.” He countered. He opened the door and poked his head in. “Hey, Dude, gotta minute?”

Okay, so this isn’t an official palace, because employers don’t call their desk donkeys, ‘Dude.’ Then again, maybe this is an official palace that finally learned what ‘fun’ is. “Waitasecon---“ I started.

“Whatsa matter, scared? Wow, you must have been through a lot to be like this.” He inquired subtly.

“Hey!” A voice from inside shouted, saving me from this awkward conversation. “I am kinda busy with Drunken Hero over here. You know, ‘getting things done,’ and not drinking all the coffee and not making a fresh pot?” the voice complained.

“Get over it, I said I was sorry. I just forgot.” Another, deeper voice said from within.

“How can you ‘forget’ 38 times?” the first voice said. Pat turned to me and shook his head. “Sounds like somebody didn’t get any coffee this morning…” he whispered.

Pat knocked on the door frame to get their attention. “Hellooo, ladies? We done with the ranting? Or do you two need a decaffeinated minute?”

The first voice grunted. “An honest cup of coffee and I would see sunshine, not you.” Whoa. Savage. Poor guy. “Okay, I am distracted, what is it?”

Pat opened the door at turned on his heel to me. “He isn’t usually like this, only in the mornings when he misses out on the coffee.” He turned his attention back inside the room. “Not So Gentle Men Who Need Coffee…” he gestured me in.

Gentle persuasion got me in the room (he dragged me in. I hope this doesn’t become a thing. My legs just don’t like me, because I break a leg going on stage. They never forgave me). Two men working hard with papers only they could possibly keep track of were sitting there, one with a cup of coffee in a mug that says ‘have a nice day,’ the other with a cup of milk (or cream, I don’t know,) and a whole bunch of cream packets that are used for coffee laying around it.

“Hi, my name is Mick…er…My name is---” My brain froze up when they looked at me. Talk about anxiety. Why could I not even introduce myself to someone? Well, I will get to that later.

Pat saw me struggling, and rescued me. “Goldie.” He finished. He pointed at the man closest to me. This is the guy who needs coffee in the morning.”

“And never gets it!” The first man glared at the man across the table, who innocently sipped (rather loudly, I recall,) his coffee. “AAAaaaaAAAahhhhh.” He breathed. “Bet you wish you had some.”

“Drunken Hero, don’t provoke him, or I will give him your coffee.” Pat sighed. Apparently, this was a regular thing.

Pat again gestured to the first man. “This is God’s Prophet. He---”

“WHHHAAAAT?” I interrupted.

Pat looked puzzled, then seemed to realize something. “Ah, right, I didn’t tell you. Here, at nD, we don’t really use our normal names, unless we want to. Everybody is called by whatever they want.” Pat explained.

“So, kinda like a gamer tag or name? So this building could actually be based off of an awesome community online, and host several events and have several servers for a shooting game created by Valve, and this whole thing is just a story spawned off my imagination based on events with stellar people?” I asked.

“Stop breaking the fourth wall.” Pat chuckled. He continued, “Anyhow, these two are story editors, creators, and furthermore,” he pointed at Drunken Hero. (Whatta name, huh?) “He is one of our graphic artists.”

God’s Prophet waved his hand dismissively. “Just call me Dude. Or Duderino. Or Frank. Or---”

Out of the blue Loen blasted his way in. “Hey, there is no coffee in the pot. Who took it all?”

God’s Prophet scowled at him. Loen grinned back and handed him a cup of coffee. “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” God’s Prophet nodded his thanks and took a long, relieved sip of coffee.

“And where were you?” Pat huffed. “In case you haven’t realized, we are in the middle of something.”

Loen looked at Pat in mock shock. “I was at musical practice.”

“I thought you had to go to the bathroom…”

“If that’s what you want to call it.”

“When did you get that coffee in that time?” Pat looked suspiciously at him.

“I like to multitask.” Loen stated. God’s Prophet spit out the coffee he had in his mouth and glared murderously at Loen.

“KIDDING!” Loen laughed. “I went to the bathroom and THEN I got the coffee. I may or may not have washed my hands…” He laughed. “Kidding again. No need to get your knickers in a knot.” God’s Prophet didn’t look amused. “Don’t get your trousers in a twist…” he played. Loen looked at me, then back at Pat. "So, what we doing here? We get to the dreadful Dee Dee yet?”

That doesn’t sound good. Pat patted me reassuringly on the shoulder. “We will get there eventually. But now, its time to check out our faithful fellows. So, what have you two been working on?”

Drunken Hero held up a piece of paper. “Take an earful of this! Tell me what you think about my latest master piece. He cleared his throat, and began reading:

“*AHEM* As Dee Dee grasped the sharpened blade, the community began to run and cower in fear. Slowly, Dee Dee walked as the blade dragged across the floor - leaving faint sparks. ’Please not me,’ you hear Goldie yielding, but no mercy from Dee Dee - with one clean swing the head of Goldie is split into two, with brain matter oozing out onto the shoulders.”

“Wait a second, is this accurate?” I blurted, taken aback by the story.

“That’s only the beginning” Drunken Hero promised. There is more. So keep quiet and live a little, because these stories are awesome.”

“Your stories are trash!” A voice from outside the office called.

Drunken Hero leaned towards the door. “Better than your life story, Wayne! At least mine aren’t a joke!”

“They were only laughing at your attempt to make a story, and my life story was the only one they listened to!” Wayne countered. Loen leaned towards me and muttered in my ear. “Are you not entertained?”

Drunken Hero Leaned back into his seat. “Okay, moving on.” He made a few quick edits to his page, and continued:

“As Dee Dee brings up the blade up to her mouth, and licks off the remaining brain matter - eye contact between Dee Dee and Wayne is locked. A menacing grin appears on Dee Dee's face as Wayne whispers to himself ‘Fu*k’. Attempting to slow Dee Dee down, Wayne throws a small book - with little effect the book ricochets away from Dee Dee, whom now increased her pace towards Wayne. ‘Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t’ panting is heard from Wayne as he runs towards the nearest exit, as his hand clutches the door - a cutting sound is heard.... As Wayne looks down he sees the blood coated blade piecing his chest. Attempting to grab the end of the blade in hopes to pull it out, Wayne realizes that the blade begins twisting clockwise - ripping apart the matter of his body. As Dee Dee's grin grows stronger. Not a second later, Dee Dee pulls out the blooded blade as a gash is formed on Wayne’s body. With the last breath Wayne sighs and falls to the floor - eyes dead open. Blood, now filling the esophagus of Wayne begins flowing out his mouth. Cleaning the blade with her bare hands Dee Dee spots her next target...”

Gods Prophet interrupted and finished it. “And they lived happily ever after. Amen.”

Drunken Hero looked expectantly at us, awaiting a response.

“It is a bit much. I mean, I just die at the start?” I squirmed, uncomfortable with just the start.

Drunken hero furiously began scribbling. After a few moments, he held the paper up and started reading:

“Goldie clutches the elongated axe with both hands, with struggle he places it on his shoulder and without consideration swings towards Wayne. As Wayne attempts to move, the sharp blades enter the side of his torso.”

God's Prophet rolled his eyes. “Then Wayne came in and tore the paper out of your hands and tipped over your coffee for killing him."

Drunken Hero looked at the door as Wayne walked in, calmly tipped his cup over and ripped up the story.

“nDultery” God’s Prophet commented.

Loen laughed loudly like lotsa lesbian lemurs leaping. (I had to put an alliteration that was somewhat funny to distract me from the fact Dee Dee just killed me.

Pat started out the door. “Okay, keep it up, and keep it down, there are people making coffee out here.”

Pat hustled us out the door and closed it before God’s Prophet could make a retort. “Moving on. What do you want to see next?” Pat asked me as we walked into the elevator, with Loen in tow this time.

“Anything that doesn’t involve Dee Dee.” I quickly replied. Better to knock off what I don’t want to do the most last.

Loen pressed a button. “Dee Dee it is. And boy, are you in for it. This will change you completely, guaranteed.” He laughed evilly.

Pat noticed my worried look, and assured me with a smile. “Dee Dee is the big cheese, basically. Not as big as the one and only neonDragon, founder of this community, but she is a…PRETTY…big deal.” Seeing that I completely passed over his play on words, he patted me on the head, and lowered his tone (if that is even possible). “You’ll live… Mostly.” He also laughed evilly.

I turned to Pat. “Hey, is it too late to turn back?” Just as I finished, the elevators opened to reveal a long hall with a door at the end, with a sign on it.

“You were too late when you stepped in the doors. Now, you’re done for.” He grinned.

Loen and Pat walked on either side of me, and escorted me down the hall. Upon further inspection, the sign on the door read, ‘Enter At Your Own Risk.’ Pat and Loen stood on either end of the door, and opened it to show a dark room, devoid of light.

Pat waved his hand in. “After you, guest Goldie.” As I walked in, he cackled evilly in sync with Loen.

Once I was far enough in, he slammed the door on me, and Loen’s voice echoed through the door. “Make the most of whatever time you have left!” I heard them run away.

A slow, breathing filled the room, and I was positive it was mine until I realized I was holding my breath. I searched the room for, well, ANYTHING really. I couldn’t see a thing.

A female voice from within startled me, breaking the silence. “Who dares darken my doorstep?”

Scared out of my mind, instinct took over. “I think it was the electricity bill. They couldn’t see cents in here it’s so dark.”

After a short delay, a cute, adorable, but spine chilling laugh sounded, reverberating around the room.

“Silly boy. Didn’t your mother ever teach you about stranger danger?”

“No.” I shivered.

The voice went quiet for a bit, and came again, MUCH closer this time. “…Perfect.”

I backed away, sensing their presence in front of me, and jumped as I backed into something.

“Don’t worry, I won’t HURT you…” The voice said again, behind me this time.

I craned my neck back looked up and felt a set of hands rest on my shoulders, slowly, gently.

Suddenly, my flashlight illuminated a face above me, an inch away from mine.

“BOO!” She shouted loudly, adding to the already scariness of her presence.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” I screamed, jumping back. At that moment, all the lights came on, and I saw a woman in her early twenties laughing her head off, holding her phone with a picture of my face on it.

The door opened, and an uncontrollably laughing Patrick and Loen came tumbling in.

I was still shaking from the scare when Loen recovered enough to talk. “You should have seen yourself!” he managed to say between giggles. He raised his hands and mimicked me. “AAAAAGGGHHHH!”

This didn’t help the others at all stop laughing, even going so far as to making Pat fall over. “That’s Dee Dee by the way.” Pat roared.

“Sorry, I had to do that,” Dee Dee apologized. I am sure she was, but the giggling with the kitten laugh didn’t really have that whole, ‘Sorry’ vibe to it. “You looked so scared, it was hilarious.”

“That is one way of introducing yourself… that I have never experienced before… and if I did, I would have grey hair. Or none at all. Okay, you got me. Good job. Now please, can we go before she does what Drunken Hero said she would?” I pleaded. “Please?”

“There is no need to fear me. I got candy. And a van out back…okay, I was only half joking…I don’t have candy.” Dee Dee began another round of laughter. I decided to join in the laughter. It WAS pretty funny.

A good five minutes of me standing there laughing with them, and we recovered. Pat got back up, tears on his face. “That is Dee Dee.” He repeated. “The ‘big cheese,’ as we call her.”

“Can I call her Dee?” I asked, generally aimed at no one.

“I prefer, ‘Martin Luther King Junior of England’s Hot Dog Bonanza’…kidding. Go ahead,” She responded, seeing my confused face, which summoned up another round of uncontrollable giggles. Again. This was one girl with a great sense of humor. (And I would learn she also had one heck of a heart.)

“So, can I join in, or is this a ‘boys only’ thing?” Dee Dee looked at us through half open eyes, awaiting a response.

“Sure!” Then I realized it wasn’t my place, and felt heat flash through my body.

Pat looked at Dee Dee. “We are going to go see the Gigantic Interstellar Viking. Not really anything to waste your precious time on."

Dee gave Pat a loving smile. “But any time with you is precious.”

They both blushed, and Loen barked a laugh.

“They are always like this. You see anything like it?” The looks Dee and Pat gave him stopped his laughing.

Pat turned to me and gestured at the door. “Shall we?”

“We shall.” I said. Well, I hope everyone is like these guys. This goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. Or its contents, either. You need it to tell you what it is like. Otherwise, they will be like you imagine them, and you will never know who they really are. I made that mistake, and yet I have eight new wonderful friends. Dee, Pat, Loen, God’s Prophet, Wayne, Drunken Hero, Doeda… and a Gigantic Interstellar Viking? I gotta see that.

And, with my head whirling, we walked out into an old hallway with a new perspective within me. Because, this wasn’t the end. It was only just beginning.

To Be Continued.

Drunken Hero’s story: The Drunken Hero himself
Story: Gold Stellar
Plot: Goldie
Settings: Stellar
First Edit: Gold
Second Edit: DaGol’ Sheila (sound it out, you’ll get it)
Proof Reading: Sonia
Final Edit, moar proof reading, and just being so Stellar to help me out: God’s Prophet.
Initial Idea: NumBle
Support: Ahl Ovya Bhudeze. (sound it out, you’ll get it too)
Special thanks to: neonDragon community, Numble, Dee Dee, Pat, Loen, Drunken Hero, Sonia, God's Prophet, Hope, Queeny, Puncake, all of those Adminions, Sweedy, K09, Cuddly... (Two hours later...) neonDragon himself, Shota, Cassius, and so many others I can’t name them all.

Extra special thanks;
To the people who let me put them in this story. This is not my story, it is theirs. And also, thanks again to God’s Prophet. If not for him, this story would have so many red marks from mistakes you could make it a stop sign. Also thanks to Drunken Hero, for the story about killer Dee Dee. That was completely him, (ain’t he creative, EEEEHHH?) and also, thank you neonDragon. My life has changed thanks to your community. No, that’s not right. This isn’t a community, not any more. Now, it is a family. This is so much more than a community. Because, a community supports itself, and works like an amazing, beautiful machine. This place, also LOVES itself. We all love each other, support each other, and help each other out. This is the result of team work, only capable through bonds and ties as strong as family can have. Thank you. I used to say I had a broken family, but I found a new one that wasn’t whole, but it made me whole as well. Thank you to the new bill gates, neonDragon! Thank you for all your hard work! There will be more to come. Thanks for supporting me, everyone one of you brothers and sisters, dads, moms, aunts, uncles, cousins, and whatever else you are, you’re still family to me!

Stats for nerds: Word Count: 3,987.
Characters (with spaces): 21, 488.
Pages: 14
Paragraphs: 150
Lines: 422.

As Always, The One And Only Gold Stellar, Weapon of Mass Distraction, Getting it Done Since 1999…Boom. (Never Forget the Boom. Ever.)
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Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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I was glad to be a part of the process, and I am even more glad because I get to see the makings of something truly spectacular. I am also aware of how many people this story has gone through, and God's Prophet was in the double digits is all I'm saying. Thanks to all the desk donkeys, and editors, and the people here who made it happen.

I am so happy with what it has come to be. like what Bergie said, "Thank You" (except without the repetition).

nD is no longer a Community, it is a Family.

Let's keep it that way.
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Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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I admit I didn't do much, but let the man thank who he wants to thank :mrgreen:

Good stuff. Maybe the next chapter is from the point of view of another character?
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Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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Gold xDDDDDDDDDDD I am scary, it's proven :D

Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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:) so nice to read thx you bro!~
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Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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Nice to see positive thoughts once in a while, good job on writing this, it's got style.
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Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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ehm, it is us to thank you and not you. Big Big thanks to you "Goldie" for amazing novel.
i realy enjoyed reading it and being a "Part" of it even i was not there i felt like. again big thanks to you "Goldie". :clap: :clap: :clap:
and Yes, i let you to ut me in "our" Novel if Possible in next chaPter ^^
:happy-wavemulticolor: :text-bravo: :text-bravo:
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Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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Crazy nice story Dude. I so laughed sometimes xD Well done was nice reading it and i actually hate reading long story xD
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Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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y very nice and long.

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Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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Good one, stellar =) but why is drunken a guy ..
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Re: neonDragon Novel Chapter Two

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do you have nothing better to do you melt

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