If You Are Willing, Please Hear Me Out.

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Re: If You Are Willing, Please Hear Me Out.

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There was a Reason it said, "If you are WILLING, Please Read."

ONLY IF You are WILLING to read something that long to hear someone's point, then do so. This is People like Flath and Larah (HOPE), who not just read but understood what I was saying. In fact, he interpreted it and shortened it down. Basically, he understood, and took the time to hear me out. I was merely saying something I felt strongly about, and gave a fair warning; "IF YOU ARE WILLING." so, if you're not WILLING, it is okay. I want to hear what you have to say anyways, because that means that we are communicating, and connecting. And that is so much more Valuable than what I had to say. So, thank you to those who were WILLING. To those of you who thought "tl;dr"... Don't think I won't take the time to hear you out. I'm not angry, or disappointed, or upset. I expected what I got. Marginally. Flath surprised me, going so deep into it, and not just reading but learning. In fact, he didn't read, but LISTENED to me. There is a big difference between listening and reading. If you want to see that difference, than look at Flath, or look at yourself. Because I get the feeling that some of you listened to me, not just read what I wrote.

The original purpose of this post reply was to shorten what I wrote, so you could better understand. But the purpose was to see if you were WILLING to give me a moment of your time to hear me out. I beseech you, PLEASE do that for others, you don't have to do that for me. If you take the time to hear someone out, you may just find yourself your best friend, you girlfriend, your first friend, someone you can call family, or maybe even just someone so much like you, that you can empathize with each other. Giving someone a moment of time, and being WILLING to hear them out can save a life, and that life can be the most precious thing to you. Believe me when I say that. I would know just what it can do, and doing it gave me the best thing I could ever have. Really, when I gave my time, no matter how long, to hear someone out, it saved two lives: Mine and Theirs. Tomorrow isn't necessarily a friendly place, I know that. But if we can face it together, and be WILLING to listen, learn, and understand? We can achieve greatness. There is a "WE" in there. Remember that.

Another point: Don't try to find yourself by looking at yourself, and asking, "who am I?" because that is like an onion trying to peel itself, but it has infinite layers. The only way to find out who you really are, in the truest and most honest way, is through your friends. Continuing with the analogy, the onion knows what it is. But just WHO is it? There is no way you can define yourself. You are defined by the people around you, but don't forget that you are your own person. Your friends can look at the onion, and tell it what it looks like, and who it is, because they are on the outside, and can tell you what you look like.

Let's think of it like a sewer. Going in, it is horrible. It stinks, it's filthy, and unbearable. However, given time, you will get used to it. The worst part? It's not going in, it's not being in the sewer, but the worst part is coming out. Because, when you leave the dark and dreadful place you called home, you realize just how much cleaner the rest of the world is, and just how tainted you are. And everyone else can see it too. What you have come to know as, "acceptable," they KNOW is unjust. It is everything you can do to crawl back in. When surrounded by people who think you as awful, and just horrible as the place you took residence in, how long until you believe it and stop trying to change it? Some people's lives were thrown into the sewer, and it wasn't their fault. Yet, when they come out, they are blamed just the same for what they appear as. What if, one person out of seven billion, were to give them a chance, and were WILLING to hear them out? Well, if you really want to know, then do it. Give someone a chance, hear them out, be WILLING to give up what you have so you can connect with them. As an old friend once said, "Everyone is your friend; some are just harder to get along with."

If this is the only thing you read, then this is for you: you weren't WILLING. I hope someday you will be. because someone is depending on you to hear them, and might be calling now. Answer them. Their life, and possibly yours, could depend on it.

I wish the best for you all.

"Be Generous of spirit."
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Re: If You Are Willing, Please Hear Me Out.

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You're really something you know that

Nature of spirit ma man :violin:
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Re: If You Are Willing, Please Hear Me Out.

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Have you ever thought about publishing books? :p
Jk, but you really do have the potential
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Re: If You Are Willing, Please Hear Me Out.

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Foxy|Lady wrote:Also OP mentiona Numble, a friend of his, who I personally know, good lad, hard life.
Thanks I guess? :think:

Also how come am I reading this just now?
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Re: If You Are Willing, Please Hear Me Out.

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MicroChip wrote:Have you ever thought about publishing books? :p
Jk, but you really do have the potential
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