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Re: Good deeds feed!

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Person's Name: Rawrrrr
What did he do: Bring the community closer together by making this entire thing.
(Small [NOPE]) explanation of your appreciation:

the only thing that i don't like is the fact that he said, "small." well, i can't give my thanks in just a few words. so, HEAR WE GO. (ignore the spelling errors. they mean something.)

Rawrrrr, you clever kitty. look at what you did: you brought the community together, and allowed them to show just how thankful they are for each other. I'm astonished no one has done this before me. so, thank you Rawr! in case you haven't noticed, (the reason I'm saying this is not because i want praise, as i don't, its so you guys do it too) i have been thanking every single post made. why? i find it Stellar of people to thank each other, and show their gratitude. and this thread really spun a string. look at what it is doing, mending us together, bringing us closer. Rawr not only made this thread, but also made friendship as well. yet, he takes absolutely no credit. it is something "he just did." well, that little "SOMETHING" was huge! he got the ball rolling, set the bar high, and helped us over the bar.

he made this, and hasn't been thanked fully for it...Not your fault. it's mine. i should have done this sooner (in fact, i did....stupid computer deleted it [GOLD STELLAR SAID A BAD!]). i just wish that i saw more of this in the real world. but what we got is this, and it will have to do...until i can get brave enough to carry it out to the world. because, as others said, "this is a really good idea," so why let it roll, instead of making a path? this is what the beginning of something great looks like. this is what the beginning of someone great looks like: Rawr.

You want a role model? one that you can actually be like, not one that is so much higher than you, and seems not achievable to live in their legacy, let alone make your own similar to theirs? then here is one right here...Rawr. (not boom, Rawr.)

People make mistakes. we make a lot of them, and learn from them. some of them, we just don't bother to fix, because we don't feel the need to correct them. We know these will come back to haunt us, no matter what we do. but then, just before you get hit with what you threw, someone catches it for you: that someone is rawr. he would do everything in his power to make sure you do the stuff you dont want to... because it is necessary. but his intention is good; he will also do everything in his power to make it as easy as it can be for you. take this thread for example. instead of me just hitting the chatbox with text walls of thanks and graditude (which i still do,) i can put it here. and i can thank those who i am not presently with. i can come out of my shell, and fit in with what i have to say, without feeling out of place. making me as well as others feel comfortable with the things we find difficult to say.

and yet, he doesnt boast about it. he doesnt brag, he doesnt expect anything: he just carries on, doing things like this. he is willing to give up his time, which he can never get back, to do things like this.

well, rawr, thank you. thank you for the thank you's you have started. thank you for thank you's you have said. thank you for the thank you's that you have made. and thank you for the thank you's you will give later on.

thank me when i have earned it. i am just doing what i should have done before, as a thank you for the thank you's that were made here. so, to all of you who made a "thank you"...Thank You for the Thank You's.

Thank You.
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Re: Good deeds feed!

Post by Death »

Person's name:
Rubber Jhonny

What did she do:[/b]
best friend

Small appreciation text, and how did this effect you:
I have got so much stuffs to say about you that I don't know even where to start.. Rubber my best friend!!!
the guy who I can trust, the guy who share cash with me :), the guy who makes me stay playing the game until the morning

Person's name:

What did he do:[/b]
Makes me smile

Small appreciation text:
Waschera Waschera... one of the funniest and helpful in the game :)
Guided me when I was new + worked together to catch hackers !

Person's name:

What did she do:[/b]
Being a good friend

Small appreciation text:
So, I first met you 4-3 years ago.. you were my friend even when I was a non steamer :)
Thank you for all your helps, thank you for being so nice to every one, thank you for all the good times and thank you for being one of my best friends

For the last but not least , you guys...
Ty for Giving me a awesome time on NeonDragon
I have no words to say :)
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