Rules and regulations/How to apply for member

Interested in joining the jail staff team on nD? Do you have pros and cons for the current applicants? This is the place for you.
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Rules and regulations/How to apply for member

Post by Rhyme »

Please read this properly before applying.

- You need to be familiar with our community

- You need to be a trustworthy individual and be able to work in a team.

- You need to follow the rules and make other players follow the rules as well.

- You need to have some common sense when it comes to giving punishments to players.

- You need to be able to collect evidence for creating reports, this includes but is not limited to taking screenshots and recording demos.

- If you are a member and you are abusing your powers in a way that isn't in harmony with the guidelines, your power and status will be revoked.

- If it occurs that a server (where you are member at) will be shut down, then you can transfer to any team of your choice

- You need to be patient until you get a yes or a no on your application, since we check applications carefully.

- When you become a member you should play most of the time on the server you applied for, but of course you can play on other nD servers as well.
*Should you lose interest in the server you are a member in, you can request to change team. It may or may not be approved depending on the circumstances.

- Your in-game skills/aims don't matter for your application, it's solely based on your persona.

- You apply at your own risk and will most likely have to deal with /some/ negative feedback.

- Make your application when you have time to play, so we can judge how you are during an active/normal period.
If you're inactive during your application due to holidays or a busy period, we will most likely evaluate based on that.

Good luck with getting the spot!

Now to apply, you need to ensure that you're using this format.

- Steam ID :

- In-Game Name:

- Age :

- Gender :

- Experience Level :

- How active are you :

- when did you start playing on our servers :

- Tell us about you, your life in general :

- Whats your motivation, and what do you tend to bring to this community :
People that are responding, Please use one of these two formats.

Short hello, Intro


Conclusion: yes/no And explain why is your mind made up on that decision
*Followed by a short message if you'd like to add that, Its optional


By formatting a post containing reasons and that is constructive to the topic.

I've known you for a while and I think you have a lot of excellent traits both in personality and understanding. You're smart for your age and see stuff ways no one else does. You care for the community and it seems like no matter what happens on it and what pisses you off you come back and I think you could do well as a member. Simply because you did so for long until one screw up happened (after the big warning you got). You got a mic, you seem to use it; you're somewhat active (but typically play more than you normally do in the application time). That shouldn't be taken into account as we saw how active you were back when you were on your report spree. You also act a little nicer in your application time and started posting more (you should post a little more than you currently do though) but I guess you just took a break from nD.

I'm also gonna be honest, you can get on people's nerves from time to time and whether you don't mean it in a serious way you do randomly do stuff you shouldn't (in addition to the apparent past slips and mistakes that are known to everyone). So basically, cut down on the drama-queening/overreacting/over-dramatising on some situations. However, you're loyal and I know you'd use the powers in the right mindset so I'd like to see you have another chance, yes. If you do not get accepted, there's obviously too much weight on your past and if that's all that's gonna be taken into account then it'd be a pretty silly reason to stop your application from getting accepted
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