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Re: X3's application

Post by Nallez »

Medz wrote:
Sat Oct 24, 2020 5:25 pm
Ok let's spice things up shall we? Next one replying with troll/non related to the application post will receive recieve a warning/forum ban ;)

Stick to the format, give your vote and elaborate why you giving a yes or no.
What you call spice I call wok, word on the street is you’ve got a fat cock.

to keep me from being warned/banned;
X3 is a great guy with qualities that surpasses the 3 star member im quoting. nD will do great with a person like him. Mature, selfless, caring and hard working fella.

Yes from me.
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Re: X3's application

Post by Voropoulo »


Contact the Admin team on Discord or Steam for further information. Welcome to the team!
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Re: X3's application

Post by Hamooda »

Congratulations dog welcome to the Team
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Re: X3's application

Post by Aash »

undeserved tbh only got accepted because he carried lawliet in a or 2 of dbd
fuckx3 hope u fail ur trial gl

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Re: X3's application

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