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About players

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Please Please Please Please ,Can someone help, namely this player "Tolga" stays online on the server for more than 15,16 hours (I had a 19 hour screenshot but it was deleted here is one of the 9 and more see the gametracker itself), so when there are no more than 2 players on your server, Me who play constantly can not give rtv for the next map,instead I am limited to waiting time expiration
He's been doing it for the last 2 weeks, I don't know what his goal is, but it's constant and really annoying. I give a screenshot and you take a look.I haven't seen an admin or a developer since August. i'm on the server every day for 7 or more hours so you know.I am "Isak(YeomrA)Isak who plays for more than 7 years on your server.(The least I need in life is to mess with things like this but if you understand me you will understand what is the problem.
Greeting ;) ;) ;) Isak<3

Here's proof for a Tolga player

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Re: About players

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Add me on steam and leme know when that happens https://steamcommunity.com/id/firedaemon849/
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