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Re: Deathrun Suggestions

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add a timer and /best or /top15 cmd to show the best 15 times for 15 different players who finished the map

just like the timer in the speedrun server , 1 button at the beginning and 1 button at the end
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Re: Deathrun Suggestions

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[email protected] * wrote:Deathrun:
HUD-Freerun: HUD-Freerun word under the radar or somewhere else shows whether the round is freerun or not, to help us know if the T gives special treatment (freepass) + make it visible for dead players.
Auto T Ban: reconnecting as T is a known problem, they destroy the fun and the round and everything when they reconnect, so something that can auto-ban them for (~4 min = 1 round) when they reconnect.
LJ stats for VIP: people love to know how they're doing with LJ/CJ... LJ stats would increase the chances to buy VIP if it was added to the VIP's stuff.
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