Taking my nickname and behaving bad with it

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Taking my nickname and behaving bad with it

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I would like to make a report about a couple of different players abusing with my nickname as well as constantly harassing me without having a reason to do so. Moreover, there is a person who abuses not only with my nickname but also with the nickname of another well-known player's.

In the links below there are some photos which i uploaded in order to prove it.

Dee Dee

Re: Taking my nickname and behaving bad with it

Post by Dee Dee »

You should move this report to the Strikelist: http://www.neondragon.net/strikelist.php

Once there, just fill up the needed gaps (don't forget the proof!). I will attach a quick guide for that just in case.

Below these lines you have the form that you have to fill out. Let's go section by section.


1. Steam ID: The easiest way to get this is opening console ingame and typing "status". The list of the players will be displayed, so you just need to find the one you're looking for and copy the part that looks like STEAM_0:123456.

2. Name: The nickname of the player.

3. Server: Where the rulebreaker is playing.

4. Reason: The reason why you are reporting him.

5. Notes / Additional: For instance, if you spot a person using aim + wh, if you add "Cheating (Aim)" as Reason, you may add "he also had wh" as additional.

6. Proof of ID: You need to take a screenshot of the players ID. That is, when you type "status" in console, take a screenshot of that. There are several ways to do so. I think you can use F12 (default key) or just type "snapshot" in console. That picture will be then stored:
- cstrike folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike
- a path similar to this one: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\166557060\760\remote\10\screenshots

7. Demo: In case of cheaters, mic spam/harassment, ... You need to record a demo. You join the server as a spectator, spectate the player (in the case of cheaters), open console and type "record demoname.dem". Type "stop" in console when you are done. Your demo will be then saved in your cstrike folder (path above) and you will find it as "demoname.dem".

8. Screenshots: Needed when somebody is harassing through the chat. TEXT harassment. The procedure is the same as Proof of ID.

Once you have all this information (Proof of ID and Demo / Screenshots are crucial), you may submit your report. Note that you normally need either point 7 or 8 as proof and not both.
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