'Of The Month' Jailbreak Edition

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'Of The Month' Jailbreak Edition

Post by The Emerald Eye »

Read to understand:
I'm doing this thing from now on. Each month, I'll make a similar post.
Basically this is a reward for players efforts.
So, we'll basically be doing this.
[Reward winner]
[Nominated 1]
[Nominated 2]

For the first round. I won't be considering the votes of anyone. So I'll be doing it based on my opinion.
Welcome to the first version of: "Of The Month" Jailbreak Edition, starring Eternal.
So here we'll be taking a look at this month's best players, according to your votes.
BUT, since it is the first month, I'll do it myself!
1- CT of the Month:
W: Durtty goodz
N: hoho
N: Papa
2- Commander of the Month:
W: Zero
N: Silence
3- T of the Month:
W: Rythme
N: Snap
N: Slink
4- Rebel of the Month:
W: Decency
N: Dem1X
N: Moe
5- Player of the Month:
W: Snap
N: N/A
After commenting on this post.
You can nominate some players, for me to put them into the next month's vote.
This post will be edited after 3 days, to put nominated players. You can even nominated yourself.
In the 27th of the next month. There will be a vote for the next reward.
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Re: 'Of The Month' Jailbreak Edition

Post by ZeRo#1 »

Zero best CT
Zero best Commander
Zero player of the month

NP you're welcome :dance:
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Re: 'Of The Month' Jailbreak Edition

Post by SCARFACE »

Commander of the month: Bonkers.
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Re: 'Of The Month' Jailbreak Edition

Post by SNap »

ayyy player of the month is me
thank u guys thank u :clap: :clap: :clap:

Like the idea but put a good reward so people try there best :P :idea:

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Re: 'Of The Month' Jailbreak Edition

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