Cash in game here the commands, useful for beginners

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Cash in game here the commands, useful for beginners

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Hello guys,
her some Tipps to get cash in game and useful commands ;)

here some things you can write in chat.
/achievements (you have some tasks, when you made it you got cash)
/challenges (you have weekly tasks, you can earn cash when you made it)
blackjack (you can play blackjack set a bet and win some money)

and the last you can gamble:
1st open console with "^" press it in game
2nd type "gamble" and behind gamble your money they you wont bet and press Enter/or send
(when you win you double it but lost your bet when you lose)
for example, gamble 1000 (you can read in console you win or lose)
lowest bet is 500nD´s:
You need atleast 5 hours of gameplay in order to gamble.

You got cash also (but watch out you need 10 Players on Server to get this)
- when you kill cts
- or get /lr (last request) you the last t and play against ct´s games when you get this you
can look in /challenges for extra money. You must choose the challenge game and win it.
There are different games or tasks every week you got new challenges.
- win a funday

and at last when you join every day you got weekly challenge, every day you get more money (you can be alone on Server but must stay for 30min to get the cash)

With money you can buy skins, useful things in games or send players money or set bounty´s on ct´s head xD
I explain this in an other theme.

Enjoy and have fun.

Peace out :lol:
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