Attention to all counter terroists​!!
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Author:  [email protected]$$ [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Attention to all counter terroists​!!

What is this topic about??

I have been waiting for many days to make this topic. Now a days I have noticed that there is a overall decline in the efficiency of the CT team. People don't know the difference between warnshot and headshot. Infact when it comes to warn shooting one person almost every player in the CT team lands one shot on the T which gets him freekilled by accident. I also don't ​intend to say that a CT should be over lenient which would lead to increased rebellion and rounds extending far beyond the 0:00 timer. What exactly I want to talk about here is the thin line between being a trigger happy and a over lenient CT. In short words this is my guide on How to be a pro CT?

Do's and Don'ts of a ideal CT...

When you are commanding...

- Announce the day (cage day, line day, cell day whatever) as early as you can. Many times the escaper opens the cells (unnecessary Freeday) or some other CT types /hns or /sparta. So Communicate with your team. Tell everyone that you are taking the authority of the day.
- Carry a CT to back you up at all times!! Yes being the commander the Ts are going to be closest to you during most of the time which makes you one of the easy rebel targets. Having a CT behind you will make them think twice before attacking you.
- Don't be lame!! nD has lot of great mappers like KaKao, uhu, Schlumpf, Flash etc. (Sorry if I forgot anyone) who have created these amazing maps with these cool games like dnj, dr, football surf etc. Use these games!! That's what many players expect. Only play the lame games like saw game, retarded saw game, first/last reaction when there is no other resort (like all the games in the map have been played at least once or you want to end the Round quickly). Infact why play games like saw game all the time? Many players are unaware of this command called /games. Type /games in server chats and you will get a guide on the different games that can be played. If nothing you can also be creative and come up with something unique ;)
- When to use Simon says and when not to? Using Simon too often will eventually lead to the terrorists getting bored and leave the server which will affect your gameplay as well (indirectly). But yes!! Sometimes in order to control rebelling you should use Simon like one or two rounds atmost. As I said earlier "don't be lame"!!
- Internal communication (team chats) Use the chats and tell the cts not paying attention, not giving you backup or playing around. If they don't listen contact the moderators :) . Another point I would like to mention in this is that when a day starts you have one entire minute till you open the cells. Make it count!! In case things are disorganized within the CT team like some exits are left un covered you can speak up, use your mic... Tell the CTs " I want one person covering the gun room one CT to back me up one CT to take the left door one CT take right...." It will decrease the chances of rebelling.
- The way you speak Try to be clear while you speak. Talk loud but not too loud. Also be a cheerful commander. Speak with full enthusiasm and be assertive while giving commands. It Always attracts more players to the server. Believe me it does!! :D
- Optimize the number of survivors during a game. This thing depends on any factors. What game is it? How long does it take for an average player to make it? How much time before 0:00? Think it before u start the game as u cannot change it once the game starts. Too many survivors makes the days go too long and too less survivors gets a bit lame and till some extent unfair (because sometimes players get blocked or stuff like that). If more people die all the time they will eventually get bored and leave the server.

When you are not commanding...

- Be aware of your surroundings Use the radar and know the position of your team mates. If you feel that there is this area from where the Ts can escape or some vents are left uncovered go there yourself. If for some reason you can't tell some other CT to go there. As I mentioned this before "You have one minute to take your spots before the cells are opened". Enough time to double check everything.
- Warnshooting Know when to warnshot, when to kill and when not to do anything. Also when you warnshoot only warnshoot one bullet at a time only at the leg area!!
Do not warnshoot with weapons like awp, deagle, scout and other high damage weapons
. Let other CTs do it. Only warnshoot when you are the CT who is closest to the T. If some other CT is shooting the player don't shoot yourself. The only motive of a warnshot is to "warn" the T and not bringing him to low hp showing who is the boss.
- When to kill? ONLY KILL WHEN THE T IS EITHER REBELLING OR THE COMMANDER TOLD YOU TO!!! Many times I observe CTs going frag hungry. In games like saw game or Simon says let the commander kill unless he gives you a clear instruction to engage. Follow this unless you are looking forward to be a freekiller getting !warn and !switch frequently by moderators.


My post was only a heads up to the CT team who is struggling to be a good contribution to the team. Hope the readers find it useful :D . I will edit this post if anything else comes up. I am open to your suggestions/feedback.
Thanks for reading...

Author:  ZeRo#1-RIP-Po!Nt [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Attention to all counter terroists​!!

I am willing to sponsor some help aswell with this topic I made a while ago viewtopic.php?f=40&t=30443

So good luck lovely newcomers (and even some old school players aswell) =)

Author:  [email protected]$$ [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Attention to all counter terroists​!!

Aha sorry man i almost forgot about that topic of yours. My only intention in creating this topic was to remind the new CTs and few old CTs about this.

Author:  Hunie [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Attention to all counter terroists​!!

I don't think commanding is an issue. Most nowadays commanders always use the map anyways, which is ok. Issue is the other, back-up CT's. Half the time their issues are even unintentional, though.

Problems are -
- Every back up CT wants to contribute by putting his weapon to good use. But the problem there is - warning shot's come from all over the place, some firing way more shots than others, in same direction, resulting in undeserving eliminations when a single warning shot would have been in place. I've experienced this many times, where other CT decides to shoot the T with 10 bullets and then suddenly stops, then I fire a single shot as a detour warning, and that shot ends up killing him. I guess it's just each CT has different intuitions.
- Commander authority in CT team sometimes swings to a single player. A lot of times when there's 1 CT commanding all the time, really standing out for few rounds, other CT's just stay silent and don't say a thing in mic anymore, not even whilling to command. I guess it's either loss of dynamic commander switch or the other CT's just feel like not needing to struggle with commanding at all when someone's doing it all for them.
- CT's tend to be really scared to kill the rebeller when he's hiding behind his teammates, they won't open fire at all because they are afraid to get complaints thrown at them later. The thing is that it's both rebeller's and teammate's fault, rebeller putting his teammate in danger of unintentional freekills and teammate not even trying to get out of the way of gunfire. That is what CT's should realize. This mostly concerns maps like jail_color_full during freedays, with T's easily winning rounds because of this.
It's actually a problem in general as well, CT's being too afraid to kill a T because of being afraid from incoming complaints.
- Most CT's lacking mic communication for different reasons. Now I myself got nothing against this, as those CT's can of course help out handle the day, but them not using mic when they have one is sometimes a bit annoying, as after the commander dies and they are the ones that manage to finish off all rebellers, we're left with noone commanding at all. That could be for different reasons though. I have that problem too, can't use the mic when joining CT during evenings due to a crowded room. Others might have their own legit reasons. I only wish it's possible to do chat commanding in that case as a last resort.

As well, the same guide will not work for all player amounts and maps.
In maps like jail_coolf, you have time to fully decide what your upcoming day is all about before opening cells, and can even think while leading T's to a location.
In maps like jb_nck, you have time to fully decide what your upcoming day is all about before opening cells, but afterward you have to be very alert about where are you and others going before you trap yourself with a bunch of hungry prisoners.
In maps like jail_color_full, there is no time for anything, gotta announce the day and open the cells at latest within first 10 seconds. All roads to the cell button are dangerous too.

Author:  stickysteez [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Attention to all counter terroists​!!

People need good CT's to learn from.
Members shouldn't be aggressive.

Teach, before punish, educate, before warn. Each one, teach one, in order to reach one.

Author:  kami (GER] [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Attention to all counter terroists​!!

warnshots dont even have to hit the T who you want to warn, its enough if he understands that the shots on the floor infront of him are a warning. you dont need to shoot at them when they are not doing harm, rebel or fail a game. even when you are not the commander, aslong as it doesnt interrupt the commanding or its neccessary to in order to make the round a success use the mic and give clear commands to the T that needs a warning before you shoot.

Author:  [email protected] * [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Attention to all counter terroists​!!

it will be more better if we join it with Zero's topic, anyway thank you both.

Author:  [email protected]$$ [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Attention to all counter terroists​!!

Agree with you. Even I almost forgot about the topic zero made. Maybe a @Admin can just move this topic over there and make that topic sticky, so every new comer reads it??

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