Q&A on Discord + Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q&A on Discord + Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Discord link; https://discord.gg/HyE2vt4

- As we have gotten quite a few new players to the community who has tons of questions and queries regarding Jailbreak, we have decided to open a Discord voice and text channel to raise awareness, educate and answer any queries to this matter. This will be a substitute for Jailbreak small questions topic: http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3671, however, you can still use this section if you feel the need. This is an attempt to raise the overall rule knowledge and standards on the server.

- Discord allows for in-depth explanations by using voice and text. Jailbreak has a lot to do with common sense, if you have a good rule-knowledge as a base you will do just fine. We will try to promote discussion where situations or rules are unclear resulting in, hopefully, educating the new players and the old ones as well. This will also urge the people who are not connected to Discord yet to join Discord.

Associated links:
Jailbreak gameguide & rules: http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=4024
Jailbreak small questions topic: http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3671

- A more extensive list of frequently asked question (FAQ) will be compiled and added to the Jail-Guide once we have established a good baseline with enough questions and answers.

- I will also be hosting a Discord Voice session every now and then (depending on demand) for players who want a chat where you can literally ask anything and I will try to answer.

The Q&A channel will be run by Lawliet and me.


General rules apply to the channel(s).

- In addition: Only jailbreak related questions and queries are to be posted.


Keep in mind, most of the questions can be answered by the interpretation of the initial rules stated in the JB- Guide, link provided:
Jailbreak gameguide & rules: http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=4024


Simon says:
Simon says:
Simon says is a game played on Jailbreak. The rules for this game is important to understand as it will make the overall game play fair. The game is started by a CT declaring he/she is Simon, either by saying "Simon says I'm Simon" or by saying the "We are going to play Simon Says" has begun.

After the commander has made themselves Simon, only the commands which begins with "Simon says" are valid. Ts who fail to do these commands are killed. Any other commands which DO NOT begin with Simon and are followed by the Ts results in the Ts being killed and also the failure of the game on their behalf. The goal of this game is to trick the Ts by switching between valid and invalid commands.

However, Simon says can only be STARTED once, per round, per CT. Which means, if player A starts (and ends) simon says, player A is not able to start the game again until the round is over. However, the other CTs can start Simon says and then pass it on to player A.

How do you start Simon says?

- A: You can start Simon says in two ways, one by saying “we’re going to play Simon says”, or by saying “Simon says I’m Simon”. There is no need to warn when Simon is being played.

if I say, “Simon says I’m Simon, Simon says I’m Smith, smiths says I’m Simon” then what I’m I?

- A: I am Simon because you can change your name when you are Simon as many times as you want and this was the last name used/commanded.

Can I start Simon if the original Simon commander dies?

- A: Yes, you can. Additionally, if player A starts (and ends) simon says, player A is not able to start the game again until the round is over. However, the other CTs can start Simon says and then pass it on to player A.

How can I end Simon says?
- A: You can end it in two ways, “Simons says Simons says is over”, or by starting any game, Simon is automatically ended, f.ex "Simon says we are going to play this "game".

Can you start Simon says but with another name? For e.g. “Smith says I’m Smith”?
- A: Yes, you can, however, make sure that it is clear and easy to pick up when using other names than simon/smith.

Can I start Simon by saying "We are going to play Simon says, I am Smith".
- A: Yes you can, you are now Simon - If they first start the game with one of the valid ways, e.g. "We're going to play Simon says. Simon says I'm Smith", then they are now Smith.

Can I use trick commands, such as; Line up in the middle of the cage at the entrance - Line up at the backwall/wall inside the cage.
- A: Yes, players following any command not accompanied by "Simon Says (command)" will be killed as they are following an invalid command, regardless.
CT related:
How can I be CT?
- A: You can apply here, make sure you read the requirements. viewtopic.php?f=40&t=27860

Do I have to explain every single game before I start playing them?

- A: No, if there are self-explanatory and clear to everyone, because they get played multiple times per map.

Can I kill a T for getting to close to me during a freeday?
- A: If it is an attempt on your life then you are allowed to kill him yes, though this can be difficult to distingush. If he is just running towards you knifing then you are not allowed to kill him but you are allowed to tell him to keep his distance.

Can I use the cameras on jb_snow during a hide and seek day?
- A: You are not allowed to use the cameras during the 60 second countdown. After the countdown they are free to use.

On jb temple, behind the KZ, is that hole in the wall a vent or just a hole?
- A: It is just a ”hole”, meaning CTs can go through.

By what time must I open for it to for it not to be a freeday?
- A: By 4:00 normally, and by 2:00 for a spelling bee day.

Can I start a game where I can kill the terrorists without any warning?
- A: Yes, you can.

If there is an escaper in the vent and a terrorist has got lr, can I enter the vent?
- A: If there is no staff member online then yes you may after 30 seconds, however if a staff member is online he/she is able to handle and slay the escaper for you.

Can I as a CT glow winner(s) of a game?
- A: No doing so will count as special treatment.

Can I do last/first reaction with a full server?
- A: You can do last reaction with 7 or less terrorists, however with first reaction you can do it with as many terrorists you like.

If team attack is turned on for a game and I am escaping with a few terrorists, can I kill them?

- A: No

T related:

Does locking someone in something (e.g. the dnj on leyawiin) count as blocking or some other rulebreak?
- A: If you lock other Ts somewhere while you are a T yourself then it counts as blocking. If you're CT and you lock escapers somewhere then you're allowed but ideally you just want to kill them right away to save time.

Can I block or press buttons to kill fellow Ts?

- A: All sorts of actions leading to teamkilling is prohibited unless otherwise is stated by the commander.


Which part outside of jb_colorful is restricted (CT area).
- A: Only the control room/panel (Blue room) next to the tower.

How to PM others?
- A: Type ”#name” ”message” to PM. For example, #player123 hello, to say hello to player123.
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Re: Q&A on Discord + Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Post by zapt0r »

- A list of frequently asked question has been added. The list will be updated consecutively once more questions are asked. I will also go through the small question topic and add useful questions/answers to the list.

- If you have questions, queries, a need for discussion or if you find any misinformation or faults in the list please comment below or let me know.
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