Guess im back too ?

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Guess im back too ?

Post by Karn »

So there is this new trend of getting back to neondragon , i've been told that the jailbreak is getting more popular so why not have some fun on the servers like the old times.
For those who don't know me , Karn 20y.o , an oldie here , been a member blabla. Thing is, I hope to see you soon on the servers. peace!
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by Shadi »

Kaaaarn welcome baaackk
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by .Cell. »

Welcome back Ka-Ka-Ka-Karn!!
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by doeda »

Welcome back Karn :)
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by Jokur »

Everything is okay at the end.If it's not okay,then it's not the end.
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by k1ngfoxxy »

Welcome back Karn! :)
big d energy
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by Edo ツ »

Wb corn :)
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by Macho Man »

wb gey

"this year you have been 16, 13 and now 14 turning 15, how old are u exactly?"
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by Nallez »

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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by Sloth »

welcome back karn
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by Flath »

Re bonjour jeuune monsieur

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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by KING SNEL »

my love u are back, i missed u so much
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by Lien~ »

Welcome back my lovely!
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Re: Guess im back too ?

Post by Laprot the Freekiller »

Welcome Karn, glad to see people like you popping back up ;)
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