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#1 Post TF2 Jailbreak Rules
neonDragon's Jailbreak Rules

Basic rules and regulations required to play on our Jailbreak server can be found here. If you have any questions in regards to these rules please contact our head of the Jailbreak server (Konijn) or another member of the Jailbreak team available at the time.


  1. Basics about Jailbreak.
  2. Rules and regulation.
  3. Frequently asked questions.
  4. Common commands.
  5. Common Games and their rules.
  6. Regular status and VIP rules.
  7. List of maps with CT areas and HNS permission.
  8. List of fundays.
  9. Last Request rules and games.

1. Basics about Jailbreak.

Jailbreak can simply be defined as a mod where the Blues command the Reds into playing games until one Red remains who will then play last request (lr). Reds are eliminated by the Blues if they fail in the games. Last request consists of a series of games which can be selected by a Red against a Blue of his choosing. Jailbreak not only consists of innocent Reds listening to the commanders but also consists of rebellious Reds who would rather disobey, go against the Blues and escape. They are known as rebellers. The Blue team needs to work together to prevent a rebellion to form. There should normally be only one commander, however other Blues may issue small commands in order to assist the commander such as telling a Red to return to his team.

Reds are not allowed into Blue restricted areas as it is considered as rebelling. So they can be killed for entering Blue area, without warnings (typically the gunroom or Blue spawns). If a Red or multiple Reds escape before the cells are open, they must be told what to do by the Blue(s). Reds who escape before the cells have been opened must make their way to the line/cage (which ever is closest to the cells). They cannot be killed. If there are detours or delays or if the commander says you cannot escape (beforehand), you can kill them.

Reds who have a weapon equiped are considered rebelers and can be killed. However, they should be given a chance if the situation is not critical. An exception for this rule is, some games also allow Reds to possess weapon ammo such as shot for shot.

General Neondragon Jailbreak server rules will be found in the spoiler below:
Spoiler: show
  1. No harassing, insulting or flaming.
  2. No racism.
  3. No offensive or pornographic sprays.
  4. No spamming in chat or mic.
  5. No teamkilling/teamattacking.
  6. No blocking.
  7. No ghosting. (Giving out a position/condition of an alive player while you are dead). Additionally, during HnS days, alive Ts are not allowed to give out the position of their teammates or themselves.
  8. No bug abusing (such as, boosting through the roof of cells).
  9. Do not pretend to be an admin/moderator.
  10. No cheating/hacks (such as aimbot).
  11. Do not use fps higher than 100.5.
  12. Do not use your mic while you are dead.
  13. Only English in your mic.
  14. Both teams are not allowed to camp in Blue-areas after 0:00.

In most cases players will receive a certain amount of warning(s) depending on the magnitude of the rule break, before a punishment is given. Please listen to the members of staff (admins/moderators) when they try to explain something to you.

2. Rules and Regulations.

2.1 Rules for a Blue:

  1. Blues must give a command and open the cells before 9:00. In the events that it is not, results in an automatic freeday. * See exception 1 below
  2. Blues are not allowed in vents and cages. * See exception 2 below
  3. Blues are not allowed to give ammo to the Reds. * See exception 3 below
  4. Blues are not allowed to provoke Reds (jump on their head, stand in their face)
  5. During games only the commander is allowed to kill the Reds, unless the commander gives permission for other Blues to also kill. * See exception 4 below
  6. A command gets invalid when a new one isn't given within 20 seconds after finishing a command. * See exception 5 below
  7. It is preferred that Blues have a functional mic and command/take over when necessary. Otherwise they risk being switched to Red.
  8. Blues must find a replacement commander within 20 seconds otherwise it is a freeday.
  9. Blues must assist their team either by following the commander, covering exits or locating/killing escapers. Blues who play around risk being switched to Red.
  10. All commands must be given clearly and at a proper speed to avoid confusion.

    2.12 Exception for the Blue rules:

    1. The 9:00 rule changes to 7:00 if preparations are being made for the day (mic checks etc).
    2. When there is a Red who has earned his /LR and there are one or more escapers, all areas for Blues become unrestricted 30 seconds after asking the last Red to show his team mates. You MUST wait at least 30 seconds prior to entering vents, or you will be team switched.
    3. Blues may give Reds ammo for a particular game if the commander asks.
    4. If the commander is unsure and asks you to kill the Red, only then you are allowed to kill the Red.
    5. A following command is continuous and does not end after 20 seconds. (E.g. Follow me crouching).

    2.2 Rules for a Red:

    1. Reds are not allowed to team-attack/team-kill.
    2. Reds are not allowed to use their mic.
    3. Reds cannot camp in the vents after 0:00.
    4. Opening cells by bug abusing is not allowed.
    5. Using the Pyro Jetpack to get to otherwise not reachable places counts as abuse. Otherwise not reachable places is defined as any area which you cannot reach simply by using the map, irrespective of whether areas you by-pass are restricted or not. Obviously if you jetpack through or into a restricted area you can be killed while in those areas. Having to use a boost to get to an area, does not mean you can reach it simply by using the map and therefore if an area requires a boost to get to, you cannot use a jetpack to get there.

    2.21 Exception for the Red rules:

    1. Team-attacking/team-killing is allowed if it is a funday or commanded by a Blue.
    2. Blues are allowed to use their mics during last request or when told by the Blues. A moderator/admin (nD* or |nD|) can use their mics at anytime to moderate.

    3. Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

    Spoiler: show
    Who is a moderator/admin?
    A moderator is a player with a nD* tag before their nick. An admin has a |nD| tag before their nick. Our community does not recruit admins. But moderators are promoted to admins when potential is shown. In order to be a moderator you must show that you can moderate and handle the server which includes handling rule conflicts and maintaining the environment. Moderators are required to apply through the forums and if interested in this position, it is best to be patient before making one. Admins' and moderators' tags often highlight green in the text when they type.

    Can I play music in my mic?
    Music can only be played if it is part of a game, or during a freeday providing no-one complains. Any other times counts as mic spam.

    What is a freekill?
    A freekill is when a person is killed without a warning or any good reason. In other words, following the commander's orders but being killed is classified as a freekill.

    What is a freehit?
    A shot given to Red for no good reason. It is the opposite of warn shot (which is given to the Trf when they do not obey a command).

    Can Blues kill me if I am equipped and holding a weapon?
    Of course, because they cannot see the amount of ammo a Red has.

    Why is ghosting not allowed?
    Ghosting is not allowed because it is not fair to the game play.

    Can I teamkill?
    No. This goes for Blues and Reds. If someone is *massively* breaking the rules, and there is no admin/moderator/vip in-game try to reach one and get them to join the game. Take demos to report the individual on the forums. Try to contact a member/admin via steam, the forums chatbox or as a last resort try the /admin function to send a short report to a moderator/admin and whoever is available at the time will have a look into the situation. If no one is reachable and the rule breaker continues, you may team kill them in the beginning of each round since there is no possible other way to continue the game, however you MUST have evidence of their rule breaking. That is a total exception and almost all of the time someone will be there to handle it.

    How do I contact a moderator/admin?
    You can add the moderator/admin to your steam friendlist (for steamers). If you are a non-steamer, you can make a forum account here and leave a message on our homepage's chat box. If a moderator/admin is available at the time, they will have a look and assist you. You can also visit the "small questions" topic in the jailbreak section if you need to ask any questions. If it is in regards to a rule breaker you can use the /admin function in-game to immediately report someone and a moderator/admin available at the time will pop-by the server.

    Spoiler: show
    What do I need as CT?
    A working microphone, reasonable knowledge of the rules, and ideally commanding-knowledge.

    Do I need a microphone to join the Blue team and why?
    It is preferred to have one. You don't need to be the main commander, but in case some Blues die, you need to be able to command, else you risk getting switched. See "2.1 Rules for a Blue" in "2. Rules and Regulations."

    Why are Blues not allowed to go in vents/cage?
    It's advantageous to have some Blue-free areas where the Red can freely move. Another aspect is the realism behind the game, those places aren't places officers are remaining in a jail.

    If it's 0:00 and one or more Reds are still camping in vents, can I go in and kill them?
    Only if there's no moderator online and they won't come out after being warned.

    Can I give commands while a freeday?
    No. However, you can demand on some things like moving away when you get blocked or more distance if Reds are very close to you and you are about to get knife.

    Can I change a freeday to a lineday for example later because the freeday already took too much time?
    Yes, when the time is past 0:00 or all remaining Ts agree.

    Can I give regular commands over the chat?

    Do I have to explain every single game before I start playing them?
    No, if there are self-explanatory and clear to everyone, because they get played multiple times per map.

    Can I play games where the winning Red chooses another Red to die?
    No. As an alternative, you can play games where the winning Red chooses a number which leads to the death of a Red.

    Why am I supposed to give warning shots and how many do I have to give each Red and in which situations?
    Reds should receive the possibility to change their behavior and obey to the officers. Warnings should be at least given once, depending on the situation. If a Red is on his way to escape, enter a restricted area, or rebel, one warning is enough, since more are time-critical. If a Red is in the cage for example, and the situation is not critical, more warnings have to be given (2-3).
    Note: Warnings only have to be given within commands, and not for people failing in a game.

    Can I kill Reds who run away although they should follow the commands?
    Warn him as fast as you can, and if he's continue running and already about to escape, kill him.

    Why can a last reaction be unfair?
    Some Reds can have an advantage based on their position. Reds in front of the cage are obviously faster on top of the cage, for example. Therefore, Reds have to consider everyone has the same chances.

    Why can only the commander kill within games such as Last Reaction although I've seen who failed?
    Everyone might see the last one a bit different. Two Blues might kill two different persons at the same time then, therefore, only the executing commander should kill the last Red. If he doesn't know, he can ask others though.

    Spoiler: show
    Can I cheat at /lr?
    Only if the Blues can do it as well, it gets announced before the game begins.

    Can the last alive Red who earned the last request choose the next day?
    If the Blues agree to it, and the Red disclaims his/her /lr this is possible.

    Can the Blues kill me if they see me holding a weapon(equipped)?
    Yes, because you possibly have ammo.

    I got freekilled, what should I do?
    Ask an admin/moderator in-game to keep an eye on him. Do NOT spam or request any punishment (omg ban him/her). If there are no admins/moderators online then keep an eye on the Blue. If the Blue continues to freekill, record and report the individual (click here to find out how to record and report players).

    Why do I get killed when I hid the whole round?
    Because you didn't participate in the round, why should someone winning all the games and staying alive should be on the same level like someone who was hiding the whole round?

    I'm low HP, can I heal?
    Usually no, because Blues cannot make an exception just for you. However, if it's a freeday and you can reach healing boxes without entering any restricted area, you can heal.

    If the current command is crouch and keep on crouching, can I crouch-jump?
    No, you need to follow the exact commands given to you by the commander.
    (Example: When the command is "silent walk", they can't crouch-silentwalk, or silentwalk and jump because they're not following the activity expressed by the command, which was "silent walking". However, they can silent walk and flash their flashlights, because they're still fulfilling the meant activity).

    Why can't I stay inside a vent after the time passed 0:00?
    Because Blues cannot enter them, and the round would last forever otherwise.

    4. Common commands.

    Below is a list along with the description and rules of commands used in chat:

    Spoiler: show
    /cash : This command is written in all chat to check how much cash you currently have.

    jbshop : This command is written in normal chat. It is a shop which a terrorist can use to buy items to rebel with or even items they like such as skins for their knives. At the top of the jbshop your cash can also be seen.

    /lr : This command is a short form for last request. The last terrorist can use this to begin his last request with the remaining CTs.

    /mic : This command is written in normal chat and is used by regular CTs (requires a regular status or VIP) to activate/deactivate the mics for the Ts. This command can be used for games (singing, talent shows etc.). Abusing or misusing this power (constantly muting and unmuting) will lead to the removal of the regular status.

    /sc : This command is written in the normal chat. This command can be used by Regulars/VIP and allows them to activate semiclip and disable collision. Obviously this new command should only be used when the commander requires it for a game. Misuse of the command will lead to termination of regular/vip status.

    /radar : This command is written in the normal chat. Can be used by anyone and serves the purpose of locating teammates.

    5. Common Games and their rules.

    5.1 General Rules:
    1. Games need to be fair and doable by the Reds.
    2. Games need to be understandable. The Reds have to know its rules.
    3. The elimination of Reds within a game MUST be proportional (a Red winning a small game can't eliminate 10 others at once). Preferably, 1/4 or 25% survivors should be your rule of thumb.
    4. The game itself must be manageable by the Blues and not end in chaos. The amount of Reds have to be considered. Last reaction with 20 Reds is not manageable as it is difficult to note.
    5. Reds cannot directly choose other Reds to die. However, when given an opportunity to kill a Red, it must be by a number and not knowing who has which number (such as a saw game).
    6. Only the commander is allowed to kill people who are losing at a game, except when the commander allows someone else to do so.
    7. Giving information of other Reds location in games such as hide-and-seek, or any game where the location is significant for the game itself, is forbidden.

    5.2 Common games:
    Below in the spoiler are a list of common games and their rules which a commander can use to eliminate terrorists:
    Spoiler: show
    Simon says:
    Simon says is a game played on Jailbreak. The rules for this game is important to understand as it will make the overall game play fair. The game is started by a Blue declaring he/she is Simon, either by saying "Simon says I'm Simon" or by saying the "We are going to play Simon Says" has begun.

    After the commander has made themselves Simon, only the commands which begins with "Simon says" are valid. Reds who fail to do these commands are killed. Any other commands which DO NOT begin with Simon and are followed by the Reds results in the Reds being killed and also the failure of the game on their behalf. The goal of this game is to trick the Reds by switching between valid and invalid commands.

    However, Simon says can only be STARTED once, per round, per Blue. Which means, if player A starts (and ends) simon says, player A is not able to start the game again until the round is over. However, the other Blues can start Simon says and then pass it on to player A.

    Important Notes:
    • Simon says, Smith says, Bob says, are all the same game. Therefore you cannot end Simon says and start Smith says, or otherwise circumvent these rules by changing the name.
    • When Simon dies the game is automatically ended, it can however be started again by another Blue providing the starting conditions (e.g. majority rule) are met.
    • Once Simon is over or if the Blue who was Simon dies, another Blue can start Simon says again.
    • Declaring yourself Simon (twice) in the same game does not mean you are starting the game a second time. For example: "Simon says I'm Simon. Simon says I'm Smith. Smith says I'm Simon." This statement is valid as the game has not ended, you've only changed names.
    • Bluess can only start Simon says if the majority (half or more) of the Reds are together in one place. "Global Simon says days" is an exception.
    • A Simon says command gets invalid when a new one is not given in a reasonable time (20 seconds) after finishing the command. Try to renew your commands continuously.
    • Simon says cannot be combined with other games.
    • It is not required to give count downs as long as at least 3 seconds have passed before giving the command. It is however advised to give a CD as this makes things clear for both the Blues for when to kill and the Ts for when they will die..
    • Blues cannot declare themselves Simon when someone is already Simon.
    • The commander may end the game in two ways:
      • When the commander says "Simon says Simon says is over".
      • When the commander begins a game with Simon. (e.g. "Simon says to start the deathrun" this means Simon has ended).

    First and Last Reaction:
    First reaction is a game where the Red who does the first command dies OR wins the game (depending what the reaction is for). Whereas last reaction is the opposite. In last reaction the Red who does the reaction last survives OR wins the game (again depending what the reaction is for).

    Cell day:
    The Blue’s announce the cell day which means that after the cells open the Red’s have 5 seconds to get to the cell of their choosing. After these 5 seconds the Red’s will not be allowed to leave their cell until the commander ends the day.
    Since this is a day and not a game, when a Red does leave his/her cell the Blue must warn before they kill the Red.

    Important note:
    • Keep in mind that Blue’s need to have lost 3 rounds in a row in order for a cell-day to be allowed.

If you wish to learn or try out some new games, please refer to Laprot's guide here:

6. Regular status and VIP rules.

Regular status and it's rules can be found in this link:

VIP rules can be found here:

VIP purchase can be found here:

9. Last Request rules and games.

9.1 General lr rules:
- Whether you are a Red or a Blue, breaking any of the specific rules of any lr game counts as cheating and may result in you being killed by the other player. * Exception: Cheating is allowed if its announced before the game starts. Both the Blue and the Red is then allowed to cheat.
- All the lr games are to be played under the default conditions. * Exception: The Red is allowed to change the conditions of any lr game as long as the Blue agrees to the changes.
- Using VIP or jbshop if you are a Red to gain an unfair advantage over the Blues is seen as rebelling. (One Example: Buying double damage.) Same applies for Blues when it comes to the VIP menu.
- All the Blues must pay attention to the two players participating in the lr game. Failing to do so may lead to a punishment.
- Blues are not allowed to kill themselves if they loose in a game. Killing yourself may lead to a punishment.

9.2 List of Last Requests and their specific rules:
[list=3][*]Knife duel
[*]Shot for shot

[spoiler]1. Knife Duel:
The objective is to kill the other player with your knife.
- Healing or using guns during this game is not allowed.

2. Shot for shot: * Modified/updated rule
The Red chooses the player who starts the game and the distance you will be shooting at each other from. The objective is to shoot one bullet each, one by one until one of you gets killed.
- Shooting more than one bullet at a time counts as cheating.
- Going too close to your opponent after the game has started is not allowed.
- Healing or using any other gun than the gun picked by the Red counts as cheating.

3. Math:
A math equation will appear in chat. The fastest one to solve it and type the correct answer in the chat wins.

Originally written by .Cell., Konijn & Shadi, Mati, Agito.

Adapted to TF2 by uhu.

Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:55 pm
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