i have proplem in cs1.6

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i have proplem in cs1.6

Post by Abdallah ;) »

I have proplem and this proplem apper since 3 or 2 days ago the game is cutting with out lagging in the ping or in the fbs soi don`t know why the fuck this game is cutting if anyone know how to fix it please post replay to me bec that's proplem will affect on my gaming so please if you know how just post replay and thanks
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Re: i have proplem in cs1.6

Post by Army life »

sounds like you are downloading somethink , or you pc got some spiky virus
1.try to pause your windows update.
2.pause all download you have
3.check for any viruses in pc i recomment adware, free

note:try checking others server in your cs it could be the server with the laggy ping
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Re: i have proplem in cs1.6

Post by critycism »

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Re: i have proplem in cs1.6

Post by Razor8182 »

Is it only in cs 1.6 or in all games?

Because if it's in 1.6 then just try tinkering with the graphics settings until you get a nice smooth feeling of the game and that might solve it or you could delete the config file(keep a copy of it, just to be safe) in your cstrike folder if it didn't.

But if it's in all games then you might be experiencing Frame skipping which happens due to a problem with your gpu and there is no way to fix it.
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