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Ban Information and Useful Links

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 7:54 pm
by Gotouda Aki
Strike system information and various useful links

Reports, unbans and strike information The strikes work this way:

Strike 1: 7-14 days
Strike 2: 14-30 days
Strike 3: permban

These are the durations for permbans:
6-9 months for first permban (normal)
9-12 months for second permban (normal)
12-15 months for third permban (normal)

1-2 years for first permban (cheating)
1.5-2 years for second permban (cheating)
2-3 years for third permbann (cheating)
If you were striked or banned but didn't know why, it's a good idea to check the report section.
You can edit the search terms right above the closed reports, just type in your ID or so and you should be able to find any reports made on you.
Else make an unban request in the appropriate section that you can see in the links at the top.

To view current strikes of all players, you can click this link.

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