Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide & Rules

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Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide & Rules

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Trouble in Terrorist Town is a very fun game mode, but it requires a lot of understanding before actually diving in!. This game mode centres on a group of innocents, in which 25% are traitors, and every 1 in 6 players are detectives. The Innocents objective in this game mode is to identify and kill all the traitors, and only then will they win. The traitors objective is to kill all the innocents and make sure that only traitors are left alive! The detectives role is to use as much of the equipment they can earn through credits to help identify who the traitors are!
Each round has a 5 second timer at the beginning to prepare yourself, and then role will be given to you. You then have 3 minutes to either survive as an innocent, or kill all the innocents as a traitor!


Karma is a measure of how much damage a player can deal in a round. Karma is lost when an Innocent kills another innocent, a Traitor kills another Traitor, a Detective kills an innocent, a Detective kills another Detective, or an Innocent kills a Detective. You start off with 700 karma, and the highest karma can go to is 1000. If a player's karma is low, the amount of damage they can do is reduced! Karma can be gained through killing Traitors if you're an Innocent/Detective and will be lost if you kill an innocent as an innocent/detective, or vice versa. If you team kill 3 times as an innocent or 2 times as a traitor, then your karma will be reduced to 1! At 1 karma, you can’t do any damage at all, so make sure you are certain of a players role when you kill them!


An innocents role is the most basic. They are the biggest group in the game, and you are also the most vulnerable, as you are only sure of your own role, and cannot be sure of even a detectives role sometimes, which means you have to be aware of everything around you at all times. As an innocent you need to kill all the traitors in order to win with the detectives. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled at everyone around you at all times!

Here’s some tips as an innocent to spot who the traitor is

Following - Following someone paranoid (usually innocents) is a good way to test if they might be a traitor. As an innocent, once there’s an innocent whose proven, make sure to stick with them at all times, as even if he’s paranoid, you are aware of your own role, and pay attention to the people around you, as they’ll go for you first because shooting a proven innocent makes your role obvious, but shooting a player whose role is unknown is much more safe, so make sure you stick with proven innocents, as if you are killed by traitors, they’ll be able to help and the other innocents around will shoot whoever the proven innocent is shooting, as they’re most likely a traitor!

Reason to kill – This is key! You need to make sure that you are sure you know when to kill a player, here’s a few examples for when a player is most likely a traitor:
- If they kill a player without checking the body immediately and instead run, it’s obvious that they are traitor as the only reason they would run is if the player they killed is an innocent.
- When a massacre starts, make sure you look at who is killing who, and make sure not to participate in the killing if possible, and check the bodies as fast as possible so you can see if any of the living players killed an innocent, which would mean they’re traitors, as when a lot of killing starts, it is always in the traitor’s favour as they can use the confusion to kill more innocents, and make sure you counter that!

Travel in groups- Where possible, you should always attempt to travel in groups of at least 3 people. This would be ideal for killing traitors, as most times only 1 might be a traitor, and if they start shooting 1, then the other player can help out the innocent and kill the traitor. However, you could be paired with 2 traitors, so do this at your own risk!
Pay Attention to What Others Say – Communication in TTT is key to win a round, whether a traitor or innocent. If someone calls out a name and says they’re a traitor, and their voice cuts out midway, it’s safe to assume they were killed by that player. The best move at this point is to locate the body and see their role, and if innocent, you know that what they said is true, so the traitors cover will be blown. Traitors also lie to survive, so make sure that you double check and make sure that what suspicious players say is the truth!


The Traitors are a small group in TTT. Their group colour is red, and you can identify your teammates by seeing who is glowing with a red aura (which only the traitors can see). Their job is to kill all the Innocent players. Traitors have the toughest job because of how the Innocent normally group together. This disadvantage, however, can be their greatest strength, as when two or more Traitors team up, they can take down the entire group. Traitors can communicate with each other using the team chat, which is best idea as you are outnumbered as traitors, so making plans is always a good move! Of course, other players will grow suspicious when players start disappearing. Be prepared to persuade everyone in the lobby of your innocence, carry out assassinations, and a lot of running! Traitors, like Detectives, can buy equipment, mostly weapons. Like Detectives, Traitors can retrieve unspent equipment credits from dead Detectives and Traitors, and will be rewarded with a credit when a Detective is confirmed to be dead. (<- wtf is this possible? It’s on Tixlers post so I’ll leave it here for now). Remember, teamwork is the key to winning as the traitor!
Here is the list of items you can buy as a traitor:

Body Armor [Kevlar Armor] - Passively gives a 60% resistance to damage. Cannot be seen on the player

Disguiser - Once purchased, the player may open the backpack menu with F and click the Disguiser - this will disguise him. A disguised player has no name. This makes them an obvious Traitor, but since nobody can see their name, if the Traitor retreats, they can blend back in and nobody will know who was shooting. Also by pressing F while aiming at dead bodies will allow you to switch your name to the dead player, this will allow you to blend in with ease, however be wary of how you present yourself, and if anyone finds the dead body then your cover will be blown!

Silent USP - A silenced pistol allowing for medium/long range silent kills. Does medium damage and has decent accuracy.

Knife - Can be used to silently stab an unsuspecting victim. It gets an instant kill when you stab. and can be thrown with left click and can be picked up once you’ve thrown it! To equip the knife you’ll have to equip your bat twice and it will switch to your knife

C4 - A destructive timed bomb. The Bomb can be programmed to explode after any time between 45 seconds and 1minute. When it expires, it causes multiple deadly explosions that will kill anyone within a fairly big radius, and will damage people if they are just outside the fatal zone. Has a distinctive beep to alert the Innocents. Any Innocent can try to defuse it by cutting 1 of its wires at random, but if they cut the wrong wire, it will cause the C4 to explode instantly. Detectives can buy Defusal Kits to more safely defuse a C4.

Newton Launcher - When fired at a physics prop or player, it will push that prop or player. It is a 1 shot kill to the head regardless of the distance, and crouching helps to improve the accuracy by a lot! It has 1 bullet per reload, and only 10 bullets as a whole, so be efficient with your kills. It has a specific model, so if an innocent player spots the weapon, your role will be uncovered, so be careful!

Jihad Bomb
- once you buy it, press F and you will get 2 options for this bomb. Jihad bomb call, and Jihad bomb. Jihad bomb call will make you shot “over here”, which can be used to get everyone together, and the Jihad bomb itself is a suicide bomb and will kill everyone around you. When you use it, it will take around a second for it to go off, and in that second a noise will come from you (something along the lines of allele continuesly), and if the innocents kill you before it goes off, then the bomb will not go off, so it is vital to stay alive in that last second!

Death station - It is fake healing station (First aid kit). Players who think it a healing station will come and try to heal themselves by press E to heal, once they do so, they will get killed.

AWP - An AWP sniper, can be obtained from the VIP menu also, so if you play your cards right you may be able to use it without being suspicious!

Fake Detective - Once you buy it, you will have the detective model and the glow, to your teammates you’ll still be glowing red, but for everyone you’ll be glowing blue! This is ideal to use at the beginning of the round so people trust you as detectives are best people to trust as an innocent!

Trip mine - A trap with laser, once you buy, open backpack menu, aim at a wall/ground and choose the trip mine option. When a player crosses its laser, the trip mine will explode giving you and the players who are next to it a tilted aim, a flashing red screen and a loud high-pitched noise, Use wisely!


The Detectives are the smallest group in TTT (1 every 6 players). They have a specific model and glow blue to make sure that their presence is known. A detective is a key role in this game mode, as they are the ones who have the best ability to identify traitors with all the options they have from their equipment. This makes them a main target for traitors as they are the biggest risk in the innocent team, so it’s best as an innocent to protect the detective at all costs! Like traitors, detective and retrieve unspent credits from dead Detectives

Body Armor [Kevlar Armor] - Passively gives a 30% resistance to damage. Has no effect on the player's appearance.

Health station - When placed, any player (including Traitors!) can use this to heal. Has a limited use, so make sure you regulate the use of this station!

Defusal kit - Can be used to safely defuse a Traitor's C4.

Prototype UMP 45- A special UMP that fires bullets that cause the player who gets shot to have very tilted aim, which can be used to protect yourself!

DNA Scanner - Scans DNA on a body, showing the current location of the killer. You must reach a body within around 30 seconds of death, or the DNA will expire.

Teleport - Once you buy it, press F then you will see Teleport options. In order to use a teleport you must first register the coordinates you want to teleport to before actually using it. This can be done by pressing F and setting coordinates, and when you want to teleport to your previous location, you can just press teleport which is also situated in the menu

Pocket Revolver - A pistol which has 6 bullets, and will kill any player, whether innocent or traitor, in one bullet, and will destroy their body as well, which makes it impossible to check the body after killing the player!

Golden Gun - Golden Desert Eagle which has 1 bullet only, this gun is used to check who is a traitor and who is innocent, so if you shot a traitor, they will get killed by the shot and his body will be destroyed. However, if you shot an innocent with it, it will glow them green for everyone to see that the player is a proven innocent!

Hook - "bind <key> “+ttt_bind1” in console to use it, It’s essentially a rope that you can use to drag yourself towards whether you aim, aim At a high location and press the key you have binded to allow you to pull yourself towards the hook.


General Rules:
- No harassing, insulting or flaming.
- No racism.
- No offensive or pornographic sprays.
- No spamming in chat or mic.
- No blocking.
- No ghosting in any form.
- No bug abusing (e.g. as getting outside of the map/skywalking)
- No cheating/hacking in any form.
- Do not wear the nD tag.
- English only on the microphone.
- No claiming rooms or areas.
- Do not kill rule-breakers, call a team member if you need help with a rule breaker or report them on the strike list.
- Do not delay the round.
- AFKs can only be killed after 1:00.
- Committing a traitor act makes you a traitor.

Innocent/Detective Rules:
1.1 - Do not RDM(Free kill). Doing so will lead to harsh punishment
1.2 - Do not shoot a player for no reason, even with 1 karma. Remember, only a traitor would shoot an innocent, so free hitting makes you a traitor, so any free shooting will be harshly punished.

1.3 - Do not kill a player for disobeying even if you are the detective.
1.4 - Do not kill until you have enough evidence to know that someone is a traitor.
1.5 - Do not call someone a traitor without reason.

Traitor Rules:
2.1 - Do not team kill your teammates.
2.2 - Do not make a truce with innocents, you can only win when all innocents are dead.
2.3 - You must actively attempt to complete the objective.

Thanks to Tixler for his contribution.

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