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Map: zm_alaska_ver2
Screenshots: I only found this one...
Download link: ... _ver2.html
Reason: It's a map that used to be on the ZP mapcycle here in nD long time ago.
The biggest assets of this map are:
- its size (it's one big map)
- its luminosity (it's just dark enough at some places, so it allows for cool torch use)
- the possibility to hide a bit in the different houses without the round taking ages to end just for one guy
- some cool "hidden place"

I think this map could fit the requirements for ZP respawn, notably by implementing a bit more movement from the humans.

As for the balance, better try it I guess, but I'm pretty confident it won't be too unbalanced.
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Re: zm_alaska_ver2

Post by Flath »

It is indeed a good map but i fear it will be hard for the first zombie. Except for that, it would be great to have new maps and this map is really good :roll:

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Re: zm_alaska_ver2

Post by Pukata »

Added on trial run.

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