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Re: [VIP*STORE] Selling VIP's ONLY**

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*DEAD* AL_7KoMa <3 : plzz no cmd you are very cmd man iam sry for that say
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Re: [VIP*STORE] Selling VIP's ONLY**

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Live to your words!
Circumstances will come...
Self control is vital...
Greed leads to reed...
Happiness is led away,
By the darkness of the word 'gamble'

Custom poetry by meecrowship.
Hope it gives you a valuable lesson! :D
All for a friend!
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Re: [VIP*STORE] Selling VIP's ONLY**

Post by BiXaAr-MeDy. »

+rep :)
Dee Dee

Re: [VIP*STORE] Selling VIP's ONLY**

Post by Dee Dee »

I have been the middleman twice with this guy in two 1 month VIP purchases that went along just fine. I would still recommend people being careful and having a middleman if possible.
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Re: [VIP*STORE] Selling VIP's ONLY**

Post by GMK 5 »

I sent you PM, contact me ASAP
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Re: [VIP*STORE] Selling VIP's ONLY**

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i send you a Pm bro

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Re: [VIP*STORE] Selling VIP's ONLY**

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How many vips u selling??
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