I need help with SourceBans [REWARD]

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I need help with SourceBans [REWARD]

Post by Granlund »

Hello, i recently made my own community (Counter-Strike:Source), but I'm afraid of installing SourceBans myself, due to my lack of knowledge.

So i thought if anyone could help me, via Teamspeak / skype / Teamweiver & Skype / Teamspeak.. you get the point.

If you could do this, i would really appreciate it, and as a reward i could give you something, if you want cash i can't give you until 25th of Januari, (payment day), and we are not talking 100 euro here.

Or you could get VIP here, i don't know, let's discuss that later, thanks for reading, if you are able to help me, please post in this thread for my details on Steam / skype or IP to Teamspeak (I REALLY prefer Teamspeak, i don't have Skype installed, but if that is your only option, I'd download it.

Thanks again!

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