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I suggest in deleting the map deathrun_muhaha because it's very easy to be bugged and everyone is taking advantage of it . There is no noob in this planet that can't finish the map after 10 minutes seeing other players how they bug the traps . It's not fair for the Ts + the Ts will let 1 free to go just to get gun and have a bigger chance to kill the CTs ( because they can't do it with the buggable traps ) .
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Re: Deathrun_muhaha

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Just saying with the other plugin for bugging u would normally die and i know for a FACT every Albanien gives frees to other Albanien players I experienced it my self today also I agree for the delete.

P.S. nothing personal to Albania and the players from there #NoRacism
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Re: Deathrun_muhaha

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