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Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:35 pm
by SiX
Immune to incoming damage for 3 seconds. (Long cooldown)
33% chance to dodge an incoming attack (1 round) (medium cooldown)
Slap (slaps himself over trap, can't slap others because they might die) (fast cooldown)
Low gravity (7 seconds) (Medium cooldown)
Vip model (no cooldown)
Revive (long cooldown)
Custom chat color (No cooldown)

- Low gravity (x seconds - whole round?)
- Health regenation (whole round)
- Immune to incoming damage (3 seconds)
- Glow random color
- Faster speed (x seconds - whole round?)
- Stealth (4 seconds)


Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:06 pm
by xReii^
Farfar's openion wud actually be intresting to add on dr , i also like the fact as six mentioned not to slap others so they don't abuse it cause that wud actually very hard for members to get a hold on it and record as it's one of those one of a kind sneaky moments as vato used to do to people. Also like the the idea of the no gravity could be set to a lower gravity but not too much so they can't jump over traps and jump unto the second floor of the dr map let's suppose , and i think rtd might be too much since we already hve gamgling and a dr shop , seeing it is alot of stuff already. Revive maybe twice per map , as well or one time because u get revived when you have kills made as CT if i'm not wrong.
One thing i'd like to see is a m4 with 1 bullet option once per map or an awp since everymap has glass on it i don't think an m4 would be able to kill with a single shot , an awp or a deagle but an awp would be easier so it had to be a one single shop and would force t's to have some skills to dudge it. But now thinkin twice if yer gonna put an awp might as well make it 2 maps cd maybe. Just an idea looking this topic :)


Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:16 pm
by Pr0Gr4mm4
i think that if oyu make it you can just pick an weapon on the menu or even and rtd if you made it so youi get random weapon if you dot like the ones on the ground or whatever and also and option is get drugged for 1 round as rtd so you get bad stuff sometimes:P


Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:59 pm
by Aurelius
VIP indeed isn't attractive in the deathrun server and should indeed get some special features which only is availble in deathrun. I have thought of some and this is how it goes.

Glow (no cd)

Special Skin (no cd)

RTD 900 sec cd ( Revive 1-15 chance, Invisibility 4 seconds 2-15, Gravity 5 seconds 3-15, Ironman skin whole map 4-15, immunity 4 seconds 1-15, Health
Regeneration one round 3-15, AWP 1 bullet 1-15.)

Noclip 4 seconds (only allowed to skip max 2 traps not allowed to skip big part of the map 300 sec)

Fast speed 13 sec ( 1 min cd )

Custom chat (no cd)

Vote map (only if something is wrong with the map or if everyone agrees and once a map or 1200 sec cd)

Vote Kick (no cd not allowed with members/admins online)

Vote Ban (no cd not allowed with members online)
Features outside the menu

Higher cash rating (If you eliminate an enemy you get more nD$ than one without VIP)

+the normal ones (forum colour, ranking in forum etc.)

I will probably hear people saying that gives them advantage, well advantage is what most people did buy vip for no? You have to become something special for purchasing VIP on a cs server with real money.

Feel free to critisize since critisism can be used for good cause.

Regards, Aurelius.