Just a tiny thing for Xmas (suggestion)

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Re: Just a tiny thing for Xmas (suggestion)

Post by Zeke »

Razor8182 wrote:
Ta Ka wrote:
Razor8182 wrote:
Dignity wrote:
ZeRo#1 wrote:A thing which could be added too what I saw is to add some x-mas trees and some colored lights on the roof of a building or anywhere like that. So yeah just a bit more x-mas feeling for all even if I don't celebrate it much or care. But it shows that nD try to add some funny stuff for all the players to enjoy it.
Same I don't celebrate it also, there is also a snow effect that you can add (raining snow plugin but that might cause crashes not sure btw)

About the hats/trees seems nice forgot about that one. Let's see what the admins got to say.
Who da fuck doesn't celebrate chrismas?
I Thought we muslims congratulate other christans though.
we do, but we don't celebrate it
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Re: Just a tiny thing for Xmas (suggestion)

Post by SosA »

Please keep it in PMs, and stop spamming it
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Re: Just a tiny thing for Xmas (suggestion)

Post by MicroChip »

L.A.P.D- call 911 wrote:My suggestion for xmas is making Jb_snow default map, so we could have enough snow to enjoy, one of the most over played maps, this is the right time for it!
Or a new special map like aplhacs
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Re: Just a tiny thing for Xmas (suggestion)

Post by Nallez »

I'd be happy with justmodels like Santa hat etc..
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Re: Just a tiny thing for Xmas (suggestion)

Post by stickysteez »

Adding /santa shluld be snough
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Re: Just a tiny thing for Xmas (suggestion)

Post by Black-Sniper »

nice suggest it would be good if they add it
im with ya
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