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Re: Top games

Post by Griezman »

awesome job, let us see some pics here and there before you finish
so we can give you more suggestions.

PS : don't forget to hide 2 guns at least so we can rebel D:
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Re: Top games

Post by KleN^Clowns »

1. Deathrun
2. Surf
3. Obstacle race
4. Aim room
5. Toxic box in football field (jail_blue)
6. Toxic box in a pool (same we play shark game with a CT)
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Re: Top games

Post by Razor8182 »

1. Obstacle Course

2. Duck N' Jump

3. WipeOut

4. Deathrun

5. Soccer

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Re: Top games

Post by jokur. »

1- Team race in jb_sunny_v3

2- Straffe race in jb_oasis

3- DR game in jb_snow

4- Surf in jail_blue

5- Ring game in jb_flyhigh!

Re: Top games

Post by Death »

1. Clay pigeon
2. Football
3. Team race
4. trampoline\surf or together
5. Obstacle race
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Re: Top games

Post by uhu »

Much appreciated for the help boys. Keep an eye here ( ... 15#p508915 ) for screenies. For the next map I'll pick some other games suggested. Here is the games list for the map:
  • football field
    pool with games
    wipeout game
    obstacle course
    music game
    pipe and laser game
    teamkilling with cannons game
    2-men kz for lr
    5-men wipeout
And of course, rebelling chances "game"; there are good opportunities to rebel.
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Re: Top games

Post by Playboy »

clay pigeon


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