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Top games

Post by uhu »

For research would like to know which 5 games you love in a map and will pick some for my new map. Please use:


This is for map constructed games, not creative commanding.

Thank ju lads
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Re: Top games

Post by zapt0r »

1. Obstacle race
2. Deathrun
3. Duck'n jump
4. Kz
5. Firing range

Or did you mean games from specific maps?
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Re: Top games

Post by spaxor »

Teamrace Games
Creative Deathruns
Clay pigeon type of game
Advanced obstacle course
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Re: Top games

Post by KaKao »

I've grown fond of a couple of games over the years, many of which I try to use myself when I create maps.
These games are in no particular order, some are more enjoyable over a longer period of time than others.

1. Slide is in my opinion something that it almost a "must have", I enjoy these kind of games and it seems like many of the players do too.
2. Obstacle might be one of the least fun things for me to do on a map on this list, it depends entirely on how it is made, obstacle in jb_temple is one I dislike just because it doesn't feel "fair" at the start, many obstacles have this problem (mine included).
3. Surf, easy to create, should have some space for the players so you're able to go more than 2 at a time (I don't fancy those surfs that have sharp corners and narrow aisles, like snow).
4. Wipeout, fun thing, typical on many maps but maybe you are able to spice it up a bit.
5. Deathrun, works for multiple players, different ways you can go at it as a commander, shouldn't be too easy nor to hard (obviously) to finish.

Easy to see that I prefer games for multiple players, I don't dislike smaller games per se, but I find it more fun when more players are involved in the games.

Custom games ("unique" to some degree). I really like the maps that have games that doesn't use the typical games many maps seem to go after, such as the one in the blue map Carefully is working on, I've tried myself with the climbing game and the vehicle game on Leyawiin, it may or may not work but if you have some unique ideas go for it!
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Re: Top games

Post by Po!Nt »

1.Duck and jump
2.Obstacle race
5.Trampoline race
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Re: Top games

Post by [email protected]$$ »

1). Strafe tramp obstacle course
2). Catch me if you can
3). Clay pigeon
4). Maze
5). Duck and jump

6). Deathrun
7). Wipeout
8). Team race
9). Football
10). Tower jump
11). Last man standing
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Re: Top games

Post by Makita »

Advanced Deathrun - A more advanced deathrun with more possibilities. For example; two paths you can choose in order to complete the game. One path is harder than the other path, but the easier path takes longer to complete.

Tower Jump - Usual tower jump, but this time I would like to see a change with the water/hole you jump in. Wouldn't it be nice if there were different levels for example; one hole is close and easy to complete,the other hole is farther away from the other hole, but is harder to complete.

Goodluck on the map!

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Re: Top games

Post by Zeke »

1. Soccer field
2. Trampoline with water to land on it
3. Simple KZ like jb snow
4. Maze like jb snow
5. Obstacle race
6. Trampoline race
7. Death Tower [Tower Jump]
8. Laser room
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Re: Top games

Post by Supercell »

1.Duck and jump
2.Deathrun with traps so its a bit harder for the terrorists to complete it.
3.A big team race . Its like the team race on jb_oasis but then with more people participating like 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5.
4.Cargame where the ct tries to kill the T like the one on jail_coolf or jail_aj_ultimate
5.A big KZ like the KZ on jb_hellfire_remake .
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Re: Top games

Post by Decency »

1. Duck & Jump
2. Team obstacle course (perhaps hard to design, otherwise just a normal one.)
3. Trampoline game as in jb_community/jb_temple
4. Wipeout, if you can come up with something special it would be even better

I think a pool & a football field is the two things that should always be part of a map as they both offer a lot of different kind of games rather than just one specific gamestyle.

Other than that I think using your own creativity for something new is really good as well as you don't stick to the old stuff that everyone has played.

It's hard to come up with something right now but a game where skills/mechanics isn't needed as much as thinking or luck, e.g a game that is pure RNG (1,2,3 no hate pls) so that the lesser skilled players can get LR once in a while
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Re: Top games

Post by Papito »

I only have one game in my mind so I would like to suggest it how about adding Russian roulette, but in a different way.
Not 2 but more, like around 10 people can't play it once or more than that.
Adding a different weapon instead of the old one where everyone could have an equal chance.
I don't know it's a good idea or bad, I had it in my mind so I shared it
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Re: Top games

Post by Lawliet »

1. Team Race.
2. Duck and Jump.
3. Obstacle race.
4. Trampoline games.
5. KZ/Bhop.
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Re: Top games

Post by Gotouda Aki »

My list would be somewhat like this.

1. Trampoline race
2. Surf
3. Strafe race
4. Duck and jump
5. Deathrun
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Re: Top games

Post by Joel Miller »

1. Football Field
2. Duck and Jump
3. Deathrun
4. Wipe Out
5. KZ
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Re: Top games

Post by Apple »

Add something new.
-Like an obstacle course with trampoline and surfing parts.
-A versus arena which gives scout upon entrance to the teleportation point.
-Football field with cars (if we have enough players, we can play 8v8 soccer match with cars which sounds chaotic yet fun)
-Pool with partitions (and a cage on top), each partition will be filled with water upon pressing seperate buttons so it can also be used to play true/false.
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