nD Monthly War Event

Everything to know about pcws in the neonDragon community incl. the monthly war event.

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nD Monthly War Event

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So here it is guys the most important event in nD. Let me explain how this will work.
This will be a monthly event that means each month we will have a weekend dedicated to playing pcw's between ourselves.
There are some rules though so please read them before joining. This is a tournament held once a weekend every month.

So here are the rules and things you need to know.
1. Anyone can sign up if they have an account made on the forum and at least 10 posts.
2. Signing-up for this event and not participating in it gets you on the black-list.
3. Each thread of the Monthly War Event contains certain rules (e.g. in-game rules) not following them will get you punished accordingly.
4. Servers will be rented from Sweden or Denmark from either BrutalCS or Games4u since most people in the community are Scandinavian.
5. Number of players signing-up doesn't matter. If there are 20 people that sign up there will be a 4 team of 5 people tournament. If there will be lets say only 10 people signing up we will make a 5 team tournament with teams of 2 players. So basically it's a 5on5 tournament but if the number of players signing up is too low it'll be changed to a 4on4/3on3/2on2 tournament accordingly if needed.

To sign-up for the first war event click here.
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