Mafia XXXVIII: MEMEWARS - Cult and mystic won

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Re: Mafia XXXVIII: MEMEWARS - R5 ENDS **WEDNESDAY** 20:00 GMT+1 ( Modkill if you dont VOTE from now)

Post by Bravo »

Well rip cml, even if a tie happens LHLV is gon kill cml just rip him. Now for the villagers...WE NEED TO KILL THE FREAKING CU(N)LT LEADER....xddddd
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Re: Mafia XXXVIII: MEMEWARS - Cult wins

Post by Blaze »

Cml lynched
Cml was mafia
Mafia died
Cult is 5 and villagers are 4 and 1 neutral. Reached parity.

Best player award: Styx, for litterary knowing the whole mafia team by r1, kmowing every role since r3 and still people didnt help him out.
Best survivor award: UG (dont really know how u survived that long)
Host award: numble because he helped me do the roles and then make sure I was doing right (sometimes).
Best nice player award: Lawliet for not using antidote last turn to troll the cult and make villagers win.
Best complainer award: Numble because he was mad because of small fuck ups that didnt matter in the end
Best mad player award: Hater (im not trolling) for not trying at all and just flip on people
Best unneeded player: [email protected]$$ for not even trying
Best fuck up in the game: larah for not sending Pm in time to take someone down with her
Worst team: Mafia for barely even trying and almost fucking up everyaction every night.
Worst troll: JTc for beeing immune to every type of kill and transform action and still dying to lynch r2
Best winner: Dee dee for beeing so nice and trying to make the best out of everything
Best replacement: Not ultor.
Worst replacement: Ultor
Best beef: Blaze and patrick on who wants to win. Wp patrick
Best loophole find: Toons sacrifice
Best trying player Emziek and Styx

Congratz, cult. Cult and Mystic won, this game is unofficial
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Re: Mafia XXXVIII: MEMEWARS - Cult wins

Post by Emziek »

Blaze wrote: Best loophole find: Toons sacrifice
Credits goes to yours truly
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Re: Mafia XXXVIII: MEMEWARS - Cult and mystic won

Post by Toon »

Wasn't numble in the game? Why did he help u with the roles of am I missing something
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Re: Mafia XXXVIII: MEMEWARS - Cult and mystic won

Post by Numble »

Toon wrote:Wasn't numble in the game? Why did he help u with the roles of am I missing something
I helped create some of the roles before the game was actually complete. I left names whatever what not, up to Blaze. Essentially I gave him powers and he did the rest.
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Re: Mafia XXXVIII: MEMEWARS - Cult and mystic won

Post by Mystic »

sorry for snaking the village but i had to get that wincon man
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