[Town Win] Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]

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Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]

Post by Cerdric »

I suppose that's one way to end a game in three rounds. Yikes.
The pieces fit the way I want them to.
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Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]

Post by Dee Dee »

Ultor wrote:
Dee Dee wrote:Read the logs in Ultor's posts. Six claimed to Ultor for penis vibes and did not suspect him.

They planned Ultor's claim.
I did some major modification on the logs btw, made them to show Blaze as innocent so he could have actually used them to defend himself- Lawliet probably would have backed him up because I told him that I was going to shoot Blaze before SiX's death.Also, SiX correctly guessed 2 mafia, Blaze and Styx who he probably would of shot if he didn't claim to me so gg!

Oh just realized that Discord link expires in 30 mins. This one won't expire anymore: https://discord.gg/sSbbDWD
Oh, let's read the Discord :D

And yeah everybody contemplated the possibility of you manipulating the logs xD
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Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]

Post by Rainboy »

Sadly, I only have three rounds worth of material to work with for awards, but here we go!

Trust Me, I'm New: Cerdric, whose only hope of surviving R1 seems to be making a new account.
Shooting from the Hip: Cerdric for nailing 2/3 mafia (Ultor and Styx) in his post-mortem guess before I told him the roles.
Might As Well Have Been Vanilla: All of the village power roles, for never successfully altering the game with any of their abilities. While all three made a meaningful action, Grey and SiX were roleblocked out of doing anything with them, and Cruxell peeked Ultor, who proceeded to reveal himself publicly by shooting SiX. None of you even managed to unite the village with a public claim (Cruxell got lynched when he tried).
Always Trust Random Idiots: SiX for claiming to a mafia sometime during R2, when he was in no danger and had no compelling evidence of Ultor's innocence.
I Have a Bridge to Sell You: Ultor for manipulating most of the game for the umpteenth time, gaining a Vig claim and successfully lynching an uncounterclaimed Deputy. His exploits will be remembered in verse for generations to come.
The Witch is Dead: Blaze and Styx for collectively giving up within a round of Ultor's death. Blaze by basically claiming mafia in his joy of Ultor's death, and Styx by publicly posting the mafia's surrender when he had, in my opinion, a reasonable chance of winning.
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Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]

Post by Numble »

Where's my "Fudge Karn" award?
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Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]

Post by Karn »

Numble wrote:Where's my "Fudge Karn" award?
Hahahah love is in the air
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Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]

Post by Dee Dee »

I think Numble and Lawliet's love story deserves some kind of Mr. and Mrs. Smith award as well.
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