[Wolf Win] WW XVII: Custom Wolf [Round 5]

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WW XVII: Custom Wolf [Round 5]

Post by MMage »

Hello and welcome to Custom Wolf! Due to it winning the poll (I had voted for Wordsmith so it was still at 5), this will be the game that I run for Werewolf 17. The premise of this game is that I don't do a bit of work making roles. Instead, everyone playing gets to make their own role! There are just a few stipulations to this, which I'll get to below. The game will consist of a number of wolves and villagers (and perhaps Neut/3rd Party if we get certain numbers of players) and everybody will have their alignment before the role-making begins. Alignments will probably have bonuses that are displayed to the game at large based on what roles are in the game and the basics of that alignment (Wolves get their NK, perhaps one of them gets peek immunity if there are too many Seers, etc). The role you make will be displayed in this post under your name so players know who made the role, and on top of that, roles change hands every round, switching between players based on a rotation that I will come up with. If/When you die with a role, you lock that role out of the rotation with you, and your alignment and current role are revealed. You cannot start the game with the role you made, and furthermore, the roles have to be about the same level of power (No nightly anti-protection Vigilantes if everybody else is running normal Seer and Escort roles, and no Dreaming Gods (Hater/Cml)). I can't really say for sure what everyone will end up making, but it has to run by me first, so I'll try to balance things as much as I can, but odds are that I will fail horribly. If you join this game, you run the risk of it being obscenely one-sided for any alignment and the risk of the game sucking horribly. You guys picked this, not me. Don't come crying to me when your vanillager role doesn't match up to two Delta Wolves (Infect one player once per game).

Have an example role, btw.
Tacomancer: Every time a player, besides you, says Taco in the thread during the round you have this role, your voting power goes up by one. If you say Taco, your bonus voting power goes down by one instead.
Standard Rules
Game Type: Open
Action Timestamp: Lynch (When the number for Lynch is reached, actions will no longer be accepted (be careful of hidden votes, people.))
Voting Type: Decremental Lynch (Lynch votes must reach a majority of players, decreasing by 1 necessary vote every 24 hours).
Ghost Etiquette: RP Play Style (Feel free to post non-game-related content; I will delete anything I deem game related from dead players)
Ghost Talking: Unknown (Someone might make a speak-while-dead role or something)
Game Start: Hospitalization (R0 target is unable to vote)
Death Flips: On (Your current role and Alignment are revealed on death)
Modkill: When I feel like it No posting for two rounds or quoting the Host (or other non-host-quoting ways of cheating/trolling).

Current Roles:
Will be filled once there are enough people to "start" or when signups are closed (even if they're closed though, might allow some people in while the role making phase is going(so this spoiler is empty)).
01: Rainboy - Fortuneteller - Able to peek a player each round for wolf/not wolf. After peeking, the target gets this role. If roleblocked, only the peek is blocked but the target gets the role anyway.
02: SiX - Lord - Should you die, your death will be delayed by 1 round. That means, you will be marked as "survived" and being capable of doing everything you would be capable of as a living one and die the following round.
03: Unownist - Death - When Death is killed, two random players die along with him.
04: cml - Cupid - If there are no Lovers in the game and it has been at least 3 rounds since you last used this ability, you may tie two target players (yourself included) together as Lovers. You may ask the Host at any time if any Lovers are still in the game.
05: Lien~ - Fugitive - Every Night, you may peek a target player to find out their alignment. Thrice per game, you may nexify yourself and redirect every action that is used on you to another random player. Players will be told that their actions were redirected.
06: nBi - Returner - If the Returner is targeted, the player who caused the action will get the action returned on himself/herself. This ability may only be activated on Even-numbered rounds.
07: Styx - Swagmaker - Swagmaker - Immortal to night deaths of any kind, can only be killed by lynch. Can roleblock a player every Odd-numbered round.
08: RazoR' - Seeker - Every Night, you may peek one target player to find out their alignment. Once per game, you may additionally shoot your target.
09: Xeph - Psychic - Every Night, you may peek a target player to find out their alignment. In addition, you may select a second player to send the results of the peek to.
10: HATER - Statistician - Every Round, the Statistician gets varying information on the game at large, such as how many kill actions were attempted that round. Full role in another spoiler.
11: Shadi - Major Glory - Once per game, you may force the lynch to either lynch nobody or to lynch the second most voted player. Your action is public and will cause an event saying that you forced the lynch.
12: MachoZeroSkillz!! <3 - Dragon's Shield - Every Even-numbered round, you may protect a Lynched player by taking the Lynch yourself. You have one toughness.
13: JTc - Executioner - During the voting, the Executioner can reveal himself and execute ([Execute (x)]) another player instantly. Voting continues as normal afterwards and the Executioner can execute only once.
14: Emziek - Oracle - Every Night, you may peek a target to find out what role they will have next round.
15: Veghan~ - Brute - Able to survive two actions that would normally kill.
16: NumBle - Gambler - Every round the Gambler is randomly given either one shot that he may use for that round or a bonus vote. The Gambler is not aware of which bonus he currently has active and he cannot be protected by any means.
17: Blaze - Worst Role Ever - You may only make one post that contains more than a gerty command each round. This one post can only contain a maximum of ten words. Furthermore, every post you make must contain the phrase: #almightyblaze . If any of these rules is broken, you are killed at the end of the round.
18: Dangan - Tracker - Every Night, you may track a player to find out who they visit.
19: Little Tune - MM4ge - Every round you may engulf a player in miasma, giving them a 50% chance to be killed. Every round this ability is not used increases the kill chance by 10% permanently.
Toon don't mess with my posts again or I'll sick Maki on your OP which you shouldn't have here
20: Maki - Noblesse - Every round, you randomly drain one player, secretly hospitalizing them (normally Hospitalizations cause public events) and gaining an additional bonus based on what alignment that player is. You have one toughness.

Wolf: You gain a one-off swap (Bus Driver) that will swap all abilities targetting one player to target the other and vice-versa. In addition, the Wolf mauls you, giving a 50% chance to be roleblocked next round.
Villager: You have a vision of two players and the roles they will have next round.
Serial Killer: You gain a one-off shot that must be used next round (or else you will shoot yourself).

Lover subrole: You are a Lover with (x). If you would die, they would die and vice-versa. You may now win the game by being the last two remaining players alive (which is the only way you'll win if you're on opposing alignments). Toughness will protect from attempted suicide (for if/when your Lover dies).
Hater-specific spoiler:
Statistician - Each round, you will receive a series of graphs and charts based on information in the game. There are 10 possible graphs, a random 40% (4/10) of which will be shown to you on any given round. Additionally, you may roleblock one player per round.

All Possible Graphs:

1. Number of votes total placed on all evil and third-party members each round.

2. Total number of roleblocks attempted vs. amount of roleblocks that actually blocked any actions.

3. Amount of investigative powers used* vs. amount of investigative powers that returned an accurate result.

4. Amount of evil/third party votes that were on the winning bandwagon for that round (IF THIS NUMBER IS ZERO, IT WILL STILL SHOW UP AS 1 -- for obvious reasons).

5. Killing actions attempted** each round (includes mafia nightkill).

6. True amount of votes cast total in the entire final lynch tally each round.

7. True amount of votes cast on the winning bandwagon that round vs. publicly shown # of votes.

8. Amount of protective actions attempted each round.

9. Amount of toughs used up in game each round.

10. Amount of times Taco has been said in the thread up until the round ended.

*This includes investigative actions that were roleblocked
**This includes kills that were roleblocked

If it says "each round", you will receive results from ALL cumulative round before it, because it tracks a pattern throughout rounds.

If it says "for that round", you will get the results from the round in which you rolled that respective graph ONLY.
Alignment-based Powers:
Wolf NK
1 Wolf has Toughness
1 Wolf has Peek Immunity
Wolves turn Alignment peeks into Role peeks (See what role they will have next round, reveals SK as well).
Serial Killer NK
SK has Toughness
SK has a one-off Peek Immunity

[Signups Open]
Edit: We have reached at least 16 players, players may now start submitting roles with Neon's PM system. You can also bother me on Steam (MM4ge) if you need to, but try not to today, since I will be gone until tomorrow.
Edit2: All Alignments have been given out, roles should now the start being made yes.
Edit3: Almost every role is made and alignments are out, now we play the waiting game of tacos.
Edit4: Taco

[alias 4967, Xeph]
Delicious tacos below. They're all mine and you can't have any.
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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by Rainboy »


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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by SiX »

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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by Unown »

If noone comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad of a decision can it really be?
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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by cml »

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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by Lien~ »


Time is very very hectic for me atm, so I might be afk/have to be replaced later on. Sorry for that...
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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by Maki »

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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by Unown »

GERTY wrote:Players:
01: Rainboy
02: SiX

Phase: Pregame Setup
Game ID: Orion (Ori)
Use the game id or it's abbreviation as the subject of any PMs to the bot regarding this game.
oh you
If noone comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad of a decision can it really be?
Tough runs don't last, tough Runners do.
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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by Styx »

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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by bis »

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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by HATER »

MMage wrote: no Dreaming Gods (Hater/Cml)).
Wow. Rude.

Fuck you too, MMage. :(

Also, [In]. Because Taco.
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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

Post by Shadi »

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Re: WW XVII - Custom Wolf

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"this year you have been 16, 13 and now 14 turning 15, how old are u exactly?"
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