[Third Party Win] Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell

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Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell

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Open game type; all rules and roles are posted here.
This game will feature a Speedplay/Dual Phase Hybrid. That means that day will last 44 hours and night will last 4 hours. Treat it like normal speedplay with some extra time for "crap, that's not the guy I expected to get lynched." Day will end MWF at 5PM EDT (which is ~midnight for you Europeans) and night will end MWF at 9PM EDT. Wednesdays will be a bit hard, as I leave directly after ending day and do not return until shortly after night will have finished. If problems arise, I will end up being rather late ending night on Wednesdays.
Actions are calculated in the following order:
Day: Player Influence Locked -> Influence Transfer -> Protection -> Lynch -> Realm Powers
Night: Influence Average -> Night Kill -> Realm Powers -> Influence Gifts -> Peeks -> Disable -> Player Influence Updated

Note: Influence is locked prior to calculations. A Merchant transferring his Influence will make the action before lynch, but player Influence values will not change for actual lynch or nightkill calculations. So if a Merchant transferred his Influence to another player, the transfer would be performed just before lynch but the recipient would not gain the Influence and the Merchant would not lose Influence until after night had ended.

The Battle for Boswell
The reign of King Murphy was a brutal one. God recognized his mistake in allowing the tyrant to become king. The people of Redemption, criminals though they were, had an unfair advantage learned through years of underhanded behavior. After King Murphy’s death, on the day of the inauguration of King Murphy II, God put a stop to the ceremony and invited a few members from each region to Heaven. Each of them would have a specific strength based on their worldly talents. There would be an Assassin, a Knight, a Wizard, a Merchant and a Physician. Furthermore, each region of Boswell would be given secondary advantages and disadvantages based on their natural strengths. Thirty men and women of Boswell will soon clash to decide the next King of Boswell. Let the Great Conflict begin…

The Battle for Boswell is a game that will have up to six teams of four to five players, each representing a realm within the Kingdom of Boswell. At the start of the game, none of the players will know the other representatives of their realm. During the game the players will have an opportunity to seek out those that they are affiliated with and form alliances that strengthen their position. Each of the realms will be represented by five players, all of whom have special powers. However, each of the seven Realms also has a specialty power that thematically matches the Realm that they are from.

Assassin – If killed, the Assassin retaliates against a single player in the game with Brutal, killing them also. Once per game, the Assassin may disable another player's powers for one round.

Knight – Survives the first time that they would have been killed. The Knight may also choose protect one other person each night. If that player would be killed, the Knight loses his Tough status and his ability to protect.

Wizard – Chooses one player, alive or dead, each night and learn either the Realm that they represent or how much Influence they have at the end of the night phase. Once per game, the Wizard may call a census of all Influence in the kingdom, revealing how much Influence each living player has.

Merchant – Able to choose a player to average his own Influence with each round, and is also able to transfer up to two of his Influence to a chosen player each round. However, the Merchant cannot peek other players to see if he shares a team. Once per game, the Merchant may transfer all his excess Influence to another chosen player.

Physician – Chooses one living player each night and has a 50% chance to protect them from any death, including lynch. Once per game, the Physician may burst his power to protect an extra player and increase his protection chance to 100%.

Realm Advantages
Special realm powers may only be used if the required numbers of people from the same Realm have found each other. A minor special requires three found members to activate and two members to maintain, and a major special requires four members to activate and three members to maintain. Once activated, a special may be used as long as it is maintained. Each Realm's Disparity power gives the Realm a boost when they are losing, and is activated when there is exactly one player remaining on the team.

Boswell Woods
Living in a vast realm of dense vegetation, the citizens of Boswell Woods are well equipped to find their way through any path easily or ‘help’ a stranger lose his way just as easily.
Unit Strength: Wizard->Magi (Learns the Role of inspected players in addition to Influence or Realm)
Unit Weakness: Merchant->Accountant (Can't transfer Influence to other players)
Realm Passive: All Boswell Woods' citizens will get a negative peek each round until all living Boswell Woods citizens are found, instead of only getting one on R0. This extra negative may overlap the R0 negative or the player's already used peeks.
Minor Special: Choose another player in the game to block their role powers for one round. This includes passive powers like toughness. Can be repeated each round.
Major Special: The Council of the Magi reveals the Realm, Influence or Role of three random players. The Council will never reveal Realm or Role of the same player twice. Passively activated and repeated each round.
Disparity: Reveals the Realm, Influence and Role of all remaining players. Passively activated only once.

Golden Lake DISABLED
Living in small water villas located on a lake in the middle of Boswell Woods, the Golden Lake’s citizens are small in number, but in tune with nature and the elements.
Unit Strength: Physician->White Mage (Gains a 80% chance to protect, cannot protect self, burst also restores Toughness if used on Knight)
Unit Weakness: Assassin->Bandit (50% chance to miss with both brutal and disable)
Realm Passive: All Golden Lake citizens have a 50% chance to delay their death by one round. The player will not be informed that they have died until they do.
Minor Special: A magical protection spell grants all Golden Lake citizens a 25% chance to survive any attack. Passively activated and repeated each round.
Major Special: Choose any player and learn their role and current Influence, but not their Realm. Can be repeated each round.
Disparity: Raise a chosen Golden Lake citizen from the dead, restoring all limited use powers to the raised player and reactivating Golden Lake's Minor Special. This ability may be used only once.

Living in a flat, peaceful land where honor and chivalry abound, the citizens of Meadowvale are fierce defenders of justice and their fellow man.
Unit Strength: Knight->Paladin (Kills attacker after successful protection, can protect even after losing Toughness but will die if successful)
Unit Weakness: Physician->Field Medic (Takes hit instead of target if protection fails)
Realm Passive: All Meadowvale citizens will gain the powers of any fallen comrades for one round following the teammate's death.
Minor Special: Each of Meadowvale’s citizens will be Tough against any Kill, Brutal or Lynch action against them. The Knight retains his inherit Tough ability. Passively activated only once.
Major Special: Each citizen’s influence may be doubled or halved. This ability may only be used once.
Disparity: Reactivates Meadowvale's Minor Special. Passively activated only once.

The coastal capital of Boswell, the city of Redemption is overrun with thieves and bandits. Wholly corrupt, its people excel at underhanded tactics and are apt at silently killing any who stand in their way.
Unit Strength: Assassin->Ninja (Disable kills target instead of role blocking them)
Unit Weakness: Knight->Mercenary (Cannot protect other players)
Realm Passive: Any killing action performed on a Redemption citizen has a 20% chance to be retaliated against, killing the attacker also.
Minor Special: Use a slow acting poison against another player. The poison takes one round to take effect, with a 50% chance of death. If you are poisoned, you will be told. An Assassin who dies of poison will not unleash his Brutal and a Knight will not survive poison with his tough, but Wizards and Physicians are immune to poison. Can be repeated each round.
Major Special: Underhanded nature allows Redemption citizens to completely control the night kill regardless of their Influence. This ability may only be used once, but will not be used if Redemption already controls the night kill.
Disparity: Unleash Redemption's ultimate weapon, the Sword of Murphy, which randomly kills 25-50% of the remaining players in the game. Redemption citizens and those protected by a Physician on the round it is unleashed are immune to the sword. Knights will consume their toughness to thwart the onslaught, but will not die unless they have lost their toughness previously.

Six Summits
A highly mountainous region bordering Boswell Woods, Six Summits excels at building up large reserves of natural resources and using their resources to barter for what they really desire: Influence.
Unit Strength: Merchant->Caravan Trader (Ends up with either two thirds or one third of the combined Influence when "averaging" with another player - user's choice)
Unit Weakness: Wizard->Apprentice (Reported Influence from nightly peek is between one half and double actual value)
Realm Passive: All Six Summits citizens have a 20% chance to survive any death.
Minor Special: Six Summits’ citizens have the ability to receive extra influence to be split among them. They will receive Influence equal to the day they are using the power on. For example, on R3 they would receive three extra Influence. This ability may be used twice.
Major Special: Six Summits’ citizens may choose to completely control the lynch at the cost of publicly revealing a chosen one of their living citizens. Can be repeated each round.
Disparity: All Lynch votes and Night Kill votes on Six Summits citizens are voided. Passively activated only twice.

Trinity Islands DISABLED
A secluded coastal realm, the Trinity Islands are the home to many cultures and talents who excel at a large variety of occupations and abilities.
Unit Strength: All Roles (Able to give one Influence to or steal one Influence from a single player each round)
Unit Weakness: All Roles (Take on the weakness of each of the other Realms)
Realm Passive: No player will see a Trinity Islands citizen for a random negative peek.
Minor Special: All roles are enhanced to remove their weaknesses. Passively activated and repeated each round.
Major Special: All roles are farther enhanced with the strength of each of the other Realms. Passively activated and repeated each round.
Disparity: Reactivates Trinity Islands' Major Special. Passively activated and repeated each round.

Night Actions
Each night, players can do several things:
Each player gets to check another player to see if they share realms. (Default: No Use)
Each player must give one influence point to another player in the game. (Default: Random)
• The Wizard may choose to either learn the realm or influence of another player. (Default: Not Used)
• The Physician and Knight may choose a player to protect from harm. (Default: Not Used)
• The Merchant may choose a player to distribute one or two Influence to. (Default: Not Used)
• The Merchant may choose a player to average his Influence with. (Default: Not Used)
• Realms who have an activated Special may choose to use it. (Default: Not Used)
Each player gets to submit a name of a player to kill. (Default: Not Used)

Note: In case an Assassin is hit, the kill order of the Assassin will be used as his Brutal target. Assassins may choose to submit a secondary target in case the kill order is already killed, if they so desire.

Once players of the same Region peek each other, they each receive one extra influence and gain rights to a private channel on IRC for the rest of the game.

If there is a tie for Realms with the lowest Influence, the Realm with the lowest individual Influence will perform the kill. If this too is a tie, I will randomly determine which Realm gets the kill.

Everyone in the game starts with a personal Influence of one and is now allowed to go below that level. Players are not allowed to perform actions on themselves that would cause them to have zero Influence, and if a player causes another player to have zero Influence, the other player will be given one Influence to return him to that resting point. Each night players are able to bestow one extra Influence on anyone else in the game. This will be done privately through PMs. The person receiving the Influence will be told that they have received Influence, but not who from.

Vote tallies will not show individuals current influence level, therefore the person in first place may not be lynched, however, the total amount of influence placed on each person will be public knowledge following the lynch.

This also demonstrates that one would not want to be a lone voter, unless they don't mind their influence being public knowledge. The voter with the least amount of influence on the lynched target receives the influence of the person lynched.

At the dawn of every morning there will be a listing of all of the Influence in the game by Realm. There will be a list of Realms, by number, and the total Influence held by all members of the Realm. The recap will look like this:

Realm One – 8
Realm Two – 7
Realm Three – 7
Realm Four – 5

Night Kills
Night kills will be determined by totaling a country’s influence. The country with the lowest total Influence orders the night kill. If a majority of members of a Region choose the same target, then that is the player who will be killed. If the members of the country submit different targets (most likely as a result of not knowing each other) then the player in that Region with the least influence will direct the night kill. If no players in the Region submitted a night kill, I will randomly choose who will be killed. Thematically, this is to demonstrate that the person with the lowest public importance is the most desperate and will do whatever it takes to get the advance. The player who ends up being ultimately responsible for the night kill will receive whatever influence their target had if killed, and will also get the Influence of players their target killed that night (due to Brutal, Ninja's kill, etc). If a loop is somehow made and the killer is killed, all Influence will be randomly distributed across the game.

As previously stated, everyone in the game should submit a night kill target each night, especially if you are an Assassin. If an Assassin is killed, their night kill target will be the target of their Brutal. Assassins are also allowed to submit a secondary target to be used in the event that their night kill is already dead.

Information Agreements
Information Agreements allow two players who are not from the same Realm to exchange information in a monitored environment where both are assured the truth. In order to perform an Information Agreement, both players must know that they are not from the same Realm. This can be accomplished in a few ways: peeking the other player, connecting with a teammate who has peeked the other player, or connecting with all teammates. Note that both players must know: if only one player has proof that the other is not on his team, the deal will not be accepted.

Information Agreements can be based only on facts, such as "MMage's Role" or "Royal Toon's Influence as of R2" or "The name of a Redemption player with over 10 Influence." They can also be contengent on actions, eg "Perform Information Agreement only after QuickSilver has Realm Peeked HCMacIV." If either party does not have proof of the information they wish to trade, the deal is canceled. In order to set up a deal, both parties must PM me with what they wish to give and get in return. The subject of the message should be "Information Agreement: player1 and player2" and the contents should be as specific as possible. Once I have received both PMs and checked to make sure the information requested matches the information offered, I will send a PM to both players either revealing the information or explaining why the deal failed and must be resent.

Win Conditions
The last Realm standing wins. Due to the different influence votes players can have, there shouldn’t be a tie at the end of the game in terms of influence and the country that has taken the most risks should be rewarded with the win.

If there does happen to be a tie in voting, the tied player with the least Influence is lynched. If this is also a tie, I will randomly decide which is lynched.

Other Rules
You must vote every round. If you do not post a vote, I will count it as a vote for yourself.
At least one member of each Realm must submit a night kill target each round. If nobody does, I will choose a random player.
Upon death, a player's Realm is revealed, but not their role or Influence.
Each player will be told one player that is not from their realm prior to the start of the game. (R0 Random negative)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please post or PM me.
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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

Post by Rainboy »

12 to 15 – Merchant role and Trinity Islands/Six Summits removed. Unit strengths and weaknesses reworked. No Realm will start with their weak unit. Specials require two and three members, respectively, to activate.
16 to 19 – Trinity Islands and Golden Lake will be excluded and all remaining Realms will start without their weak unit. Specials require two and three members, respectively, to activate.
20 to 24 – Trinity Islands will be excluded, and no Realm will start with their weak unit. Specials require two and three members, respectively, to activate.
25 to 29 – Trinity Islands will be excluded, but all Realms start with all five units.
30 to 34 – All Realms in play and all start with all five units.

Note: This means that we will have up to four players (depending how many we get) who do not start the game. These players will become backups and will replace any inactives once the game starts.

Player List
01: Hater Six Summits
02: Unownist
03: Dangan Boswell Woods
04: QuickSilver Redemption
05: Toonie
06: Unstoppable
07: MMage
08: Badamba Bumbastic (Blaze)
09: HCMacIV
10: Black Leader
11: Shadi Boswell Woods
12: JSN
13: Reda (Maki)
14: Emziek
15: Sexypanda Six Summits
16: cml

Round Ending Posts
R0 Night
R1 Day
R1 Night
R2 Day
R2 Night
R3 Day/Night

Mechanic's Corner
Topic: Influence

Influence is used to determine two aspects of the game: the lynch and the night kill. Higher influence means that your vote in the lynch is worth more, while lower influence means that your team is more likely to control the night kill. Teams should collaborate on which they wish to peruse once they find each other. Which will your team choose?

The Merchant role is very powerful when it comes to manipulating Influence. If a team wants high Influence, the Merchant should give Influence to his teammates and average with others. If the team wants low Influence, reverse the targets and give to others while averaging with teammates.
Topic: Voting

It's important to remember three unusual things about voting in this game. One, not voting is counted as if you voted for yourself; two, a tally of all the Influence in the game will be posted after the lynch, sorted according to how much Influence was on each player; and three, the Influence of lynched players goes to the voter with the lowest personal Influence.

This has a few major impacts to voting. For starters, the player with the most votes isn't necessarily the one who will be lynched. Secondly, since Influence is posted afterwards, players should generally try not to have the only vote on a player at the end of the round, lest they reveal how much Influence they have to everyone else. While No Lynch is still a valid vote, players can no longer refrain from voting altogether and are forced to throw their vote in with the group. This will encourage bandwagons a little, but should also encourage players to spread out on two or three targets so they can better analyze what happens, since if all players vote the same player, nothing is learned from the post-lynch tally. Finally, players with especially low Influence should consider voting for whomever they think will be lynched so that they can gain the Influence of the lynched player.
Topic: Realms

Each Realm has a specific strength that will aid it in a certain aspect of the game. Realm specials, passives and disparities work together to give each Realm a niche that no other Realm could fill quite as well.

Boswell Woods excels at gathering information. Their passive should ensure that their team is the first to unlock each Special. Their specials allow them to disable those who might be the biggest threat, and discover lots of information about the game in general. Their disparity gives their last citizen a very detailed look at the game as a whole, allowing them to plan their final moves from a strategic advantage. Boswell Wood's weakness, however, is that they have no enhanced means of killing their enemies. They have no Merchant, the main role for manipulating Influence, and they have no powers that enhanced their performance in lynch or the night kill. They must rely on the information they gather to predict and use other player's actions and motives.

Meadowvale excels at just plain staying alive. But even when one of their number does die, their passive allows them to turn the loss of a citizen into an advantage. If their Assassin dies, each of their members will have access to Brutal and Disable in the following round, allowing them to disable the role powers of several other players. If their Knight dies, each of their members become Tough and can Protect in the next round. A great advantage to be sure. Their specials are nothing to scoff at either, allowing them to negate the first killing action used on one of their members, and to increase the entire team's power in lynch or the night kill. Neither of these should be taken lightly, and if that wasn't enough, their Disparity reactivates their Minor Special to make their last citizen tough yet again. Meadowvale's real weakness, however, is the lynch and to Redemption's poison attack. Their Paladin cannot block or retaliate against the lynch, and they have no Physician to protect their members from it. Strike the holy warriors in the open, and they will crumble and fall, albeit slowly.

Redemption capitalizes on killing everything that moves. Their passive even allows them to kill players who are attacking them, in rare cases. Both of their specials allow them to do serious damage to opposing players. Their Minor Special can be rendered somewhat harmless by an enemy Physician's protection, but it will force the Physician to aid his comrade and is unstoppable if the affected Realm has lost it's Physician (or, in the case of Meadowvale, has no Physician). Redemption's Major Special allows them to fully control the night kill regardless of Influence, a power that is far from weak and allows them to focus more on gaining Influence to control the lynch. Redemption's Disparity unleashes a very powerful virus that can kill much of the game and can really level the playing field if Redemption falls behind the other Realms in terms of numbers. Ironically, however, Redemption's weakness is itself. Be it from night kill or lynch, killing actions - especially lynch and brutal - used on Redemption citizens are very effective. Redemption has no Knight which means no toughness and consistent protection. They have a Physician, but his protection is unreliable and prone to miss.

Six Summits strengths are obvious from their writeup. They greatly excel at gaining the Influence required to control the lynch. Their passive gives them a very small chance to survive any death, but it's certainly too small to be reliable. Their minor special gives them approximately one player worth of extra Influence, split among their team. Their Major Special, however, is the deadliest weapon in their arsenal, allowing them to completely control the lynch at the cost of revealing one of their members. Their Disparity makes their last member immune to Influence based forms of death (lynch and night kill) for two rounds after his last comrade dies. Six Summits greatest weakness is information. They have no Wizard, so they will be unable to discover other player's Influence or Realm.
Topic: Roles

Much like the Realms, each role fits a special niche that no other could fill quite as well. Each has a two roundly powers and a single one off power. All roles except the Merchant can use the Realm Peek roundly power, which is the main method for teams to find their members and organize. In addition, each Realm has a Unit Strength which adds a new one off power or enhances an existing power in a particular one of that Realm's roles. These enhanced roles are high priority targets and should be protected by the team.

The Assassin fills the role of disrupting the enemy lines and causing general FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) among their ranks. If the Assassin is killed, he will unleash his Brutal to take an enemy player with him. Use this power wisely, as it is the only means most Realms have of killing outside of public lynch or the hard-to-control night kill. Additionally, the Assassin has a one off disable power that will roleblock a target player for one round. This is generally best used on an enemy Knight to strip him of his toughness before a kill, but can be useful on any enemy player for obvious reasons. In any case, it's best to save that power until the team has gathered and done a bit of scouting to find the juiciest target to hit. Most Realms can't discover exact roles of enemy players, so there will be some guesswork or information bartering required to discover exactly where to place the disable. Redemption's Assassin has had their disable upgraded to an outright kill, meaning they can not only strip the Knight of his toughness, but strip anyone else of their life!

The Knight serves his Realm with pride and honor, striving to protect the frailer members of his team. The Knight is passively tough and will survive the first action that would otherwise kill him, using his toughness to block the attack. Each night, the Knight may protect a chosen player, shielding them with his very body and taking any attacks targeting them upon himself. This protection cannot be used unless the Knight is still tough - the Knight may seem like a pretty good guy, but when his own skin's in the game it's quite a different story! The Knight has extremely good synergy with the Physician since the Physician can protect the Knight from losing his toughness while the Knight attracts attacks from other players, essentially allowing the Physician to protect two players at once. Sadly, Redemption and Meadowvale are unable to use this tactic since they lack one of the necessary units. Meadowvale's Knight is a pretty cool dude, though. Being from a long lineage of brave and honorable Knights, he is unafraid of death and can protect others even if he has no toughness to protect himself! Now that's a sacrifice! And if that weren't enough, his extensive combat training allows the Knight to ensure that anyone attacking his charge will taste the steel of his blade before leaving.

The Wizard has mastered many unique magical powers, specializing in obtaining information from the stars and the minds of men. Each round, the Wizard can focus his magical powers on a chosen player to discover their Realm and Influence. This means that the Wizard has two chances to find a teammate in the early game and can quickly amass valuable information about the Realm and Influence of other players, giving the team valuable strategic information. Once per game, the Wizard can call a census that will reveal the Influence of every player in the entire game! At later stages of the game, when teams start to differ in Influence by greater amounts, this census can allow the Wizard to make very good guesses about which Realm each player is from. Because of his ability to discover other player's Influence, the Wizard has exceptional synergy with the Merchant, who can use this information to maximize or minimize the team's Influence. The Wizard is a very powerful 'glass cannon' role that should be carefully protected by the other members of his Realm. The Wizard's only combat strength is his immunity to Redemption's poison attack. Boswell Woods' Wizard comes from the Council of the Magi, a secretive organization known far and wide for it's powerful magic. This Wizard is also able to divine a player's exact role when studying them, giving his team valuable information that other Realms will lack. Whether this information is used to barter for help from other Realms or to wage war on them is up to the Wizard, but one thing's for sure: Boswell Woods should protect this shadowy mage at all cost!

The Merchant is the backbone of a team's Influence strategy and is equipped to help the team in either direction. Realms that wish to control the lynch can use the Merchant's Influence averaging ability to steal Influence from other players who have a lot of it, while Realms that wish to control the nightkill can use the ability to give Influence to those who don't have as much. The Influence transfer ability will additionally allow the Merchant to offload his earnings to a teammate or enemy (depending on whether the team values Influence or not), giving his averaging ability more potency in the following round. The Merchant has good synergy with the Wizard, who can help him learn about the Influence of others to make the best choice when using his averaging power. Six Summit's Merchant has the added ability of tipping the scales in his favor when averaging Influence, allowing him to take or get rid of more Influence faster than any other Merchant. Teams that need to focus on Influence aspects of the game (especially Meadowvale, since they have very little in the way of manipulating their own Influence) would do well to keep their Merchant as healthy as possible.

The Physician is the medical expertise of a Realm, staying hidden in the background while he helps protect his team from harm. Each round, the Physician can protect a single player with a 50% chance of successfully treating any otherwise fatal wounds that they may have. Unlike the Knight, the Physician can even protect his target from being lynched with this power. 50% may not be stellar performance, but it's not a bad record for the fatal injuries that the Physician must deal with. The Physician may even choose to protect himself, staying away from dangerous places and near his stashes of medicine - a highly recommended tactic to employ until other teammates have been found. Once per game, the Physician may burst his power to allow him to completely protect two other players. While it's hard to know when to burst, Physicians should be wary of holding on to the power so long that they end up dying before they can use it. The Physician's protection has great synergy with the Knight, allowing the Knight to grab kills from other players for the Physician to cure, effectively giving the Physician two targets instead of one - or three targets if the Physician chooses to burst!
Topic: Flow

The flow of a round is an essential part of every game. This game, we have a normal day phase followed by an very short four hour night phase. Treat this unique setup as if it were speedplay and submit all targets during the day phase (eg, now), but if you're online around when day ends, you will have a few hours to read the results and change your actions, if needed.

Influence for all actions in a round is frozen just before calculations and events happen. Because of this, the Realm that will perform the night kill has already been chosen, based on R0 gifts. The Realm that will perform next round's nightkill will be chosen by the events of this round: gifts, kills, and Merchant powers. But that doesn't mean that Influence based actions all happen at the same time. Everything is still calculated in the proper order, it's effects are just frozen until after everything's done, so that my maths don't explode on me!
Topic: Connections

Each Realm's Special powers are unlocked when a certain number of its citizens are connected with each other. Connections are made through peeking - both the Realm Peek and the Wizard's Peek can make a connection if used on someone from the user's Realm. Connections are symmetric; if A is connected to B, B will automatically be connected to A. Connections are also transitive; if A is connected to B and B is connected to C, than A will automatically be connected to C.

As long as two or more players from a Realm are connected, they may use that Realm's Minor Special. As long as three or more players from a Realm are connected, they may use that Realm's Major Special. If two pairs of players from the same Realm are connected, only the first pair to connect will be able to use the Minor Special. If the number of connections drops below the required amount, a Special will become inactive even if it could still otherwise be used.
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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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I'm in.
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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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im in
If noone comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad of a decision can it really be?
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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Unownist wrote:im in
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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Ping pong.

im in
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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Count me in please
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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Updated all of you on the playerlist, and tweaked the rules slightly.

Now uses a mix of speedplay and dual phase. I think this should keep the focus speedplay has while still allowing players to react to lynches.
Six Summits units changed. Caravan Trader now has a more interesting ability, and Apprentice retains his accuracy when peeking roles (but loses accuracy when peeking other player's Influence.)
Merchants cannot peek other players to find their allies. I thought the Merchant was a tad OP, especially once people find each other. This should balance them out a bit.
Now allowing players to not submit a nightkill. There are no repercussions unless the entire team fails to submit a night kill, in which case they will randomly kill one of their own number.
Assasin lynch limiter removed. The Assassin may use his brutal on anyone now, even if he is lynched.
All roles except Knight gain a one off power. This also slightly changes a few region units.
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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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Re: Werewolf X: The Battle for Boswell [SIGNUPS OPEN]

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