I'm Back!

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I'm Back!

Post by HCMacIV »

Hey guys,
Sorry I kinda went all CML on you. Life just... yeah, was life... But summer is here and I'm back! Can't wait to back into WW! Anything really important that I've missed while gone?

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Re: I'm Back!

Post by Maki »

Welcome back, was about time ! Hop into a game now & join http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php ... 1&start=30
Not much that you missed except some cool games & new rules :p.
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Re: I'm Back!

Post by Shadi »

Welcome back, you were missed! :)
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Re: I'm Back!

Post by Maltazard »

Welcome back mate! :)
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Re: I'm Back!

Post by Unown »

Welcome back! you were missed indeed :D
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Re: I'm Back!

Post by HATER »


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Re: I'm Back!

Post by Lien~ »

Welcome back. I don't really know you but am willing to start working on that. I'll be hosting my first game soon, would be honoured if you join in :)
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