"Operation Discord": Assassins wolf team r4 pm leaked

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"Operation Discord": Assassins wolf team r4 pm leaked

Post by HATER »

Message subject: The Final Plan: Operation Discord
Sent: Sun May 19, 2013 3:19 am
To: Unownist Shadi MMage

Mmkay. It looks like dangan is the key here. The Rain-JSN-Kat triumvirate has grown out of control.


With JTc, Unownist, and you, you have 5 votes. You need to make it clear to JTc that you are planning to make another push to lynch rain. Until then, he should hold his vote.

As for dangan, it's imperative that you get to him before rain does. When you talk to him, give him the big lie. Say unownist has revelation and peeked rain as wolf. Tell him it's obvious that rain and I are working together with kat or maki.

I'll try to help periodically with dangan and JTc. I'll act wolfish and super-protective of rain around them, demanding they change their votes but not giving a reason. Hopefully this scares this away from Rain's side.

I'm assuming maki will follow rain and vote unownist. If not, then that's good.

Also if need be, at the last moment I'll "succumb to the pressure" and say something like "I've been bugged by people in PMs all fucking day saying rain and me are wolves. Fine then. You want me to prove we're not on a wolf team together?" and then switch my vote to rain.

I don't know if unownist's courage can be applied to shadi this round, but if it can, then we should have some wiggle room.

Worst case scenario, we tie:

Unownist - 6 - rain, kat*, dangan, maki, jsn
Rainboy - 6 - shadi, JTc*, unownist*, hater


This is if dangan and maki take rain's side and courage doesn't take effect til after the lynch.

So even there it doesn't look too bad.

HOWEVER, there may be one other caveat: Xen's wipe.

This could be very tricky. VERY tricky. Wipe nullifies passives completely, politician included. this means doublevoting powers and unownist's lynch immunity.

I'm currently pinning all hope on my throwing knives. If I'm lucky, they block wipe. I should check with MMage on this before we take further action. I'm pretty sure they do though.

So let's say I manage to knife kat before he wipes and courage happens on shadi or you manage to win dangan over or something and Rainboy ends up lynched.

I'll use my basic (40% chance to kill) on kat, shadi will NK jsn, and Unown will courage shadi and medicine me.

If kat is still living we have two options: lynch him or lynch maki. We'll be in good shape if that happens, though, so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Also, shadi, you should be taking this opportunity to follow up with JTc and say, "see how hater's protecting rain so hard? I told you they were together!"

If you're going for Maki then the best way is to attack me. Attack my obviousness, how I'm being so stupid and raging my way through and how it's so obvious. It'll make him feel good because it'll justify the feeling he has that he's a better player than I. But BE careful. Maki can get very vocal at times. Best to keep him sedated as long as possible. Dangan is the prize here.

Also, remember the great secret to deception: never use a little lie when you can use a big one. It's been proven throughout history: The big lie works. It's the lie so brazen it has to be true. Pull off the big lie and don't be a pussy about it either.

Any questions?

May the SHATEROWNIST be victorious or die trying.

You must disregard the statement I am currently making because every statement I make is inherently false.

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