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Official WW Discord

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Feel free to to come on the Werewolf Community Discord channel, you can access it through your browser or through the app if you have it downloaded.



1. Don't be an asshole. Do not excessively harass, use slurs, or make discriminatory attacks. See WW Community Rule 1c. for more details.*
2. No pornography/gore/nfsw images/vids in public channels.
3. Don't reveal game-related information or have game-related discussion if you're dead/not playing. Additionally, follow all in-game rules for whatever game you're playing.
4. Keep in-depth discussion about current games in that game's respective text channel (use the WW discussion channel for WW games, mafia discussion for mafia games, etc)
5. You must react to any given eggplant emoji with an eggplant emoji reaction.

*WW Community rule 1c:
We understand that games can get intense, and tempers can run high -- however, we do not accept flaming other player's family, race, orientation, religion, or politics in this community. Such behavior is strictly unacceptable.

Real-life threats are strictly prohibited.

We also advise our players to be mindful of the difference between normal banter and malicious cruelty -- the host of any given game may ask you to remove offending posts if they are determined to cross the line between the two.
You must disregard the statement I am currently making because every statement I make is inherently false.


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