Basic Werewolf Guide (New? Read This First!)

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Basic Werewolf Guide (New? Read This First!)

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A basic game of Werewolf or Mafia has a good side (the villagers) and an evil side (werewolves or mafia). Each player is secretly assigned a role aligned with one of the two sides at the start of the game. The evil team is told who the other members of their team are, but there are many more good players than evil. The game progresses in rounds. Each round has two phases: during the night the evil team choose a villager to kill, and during the day all players vote on another player to kill. Whichever player has the most votes at the end of day is lynched and killed. This progresses until one team has won. The good team wins when all evil players have been killed, and the evil team wins when there are equal numbers of evil and good players.

The Villagers
Villagers don't know who the werewolves are, but they have strength in numbers. The superior number of villagers can easily lynch all the wolves, as long as they find the fuzzballs in time. Villagers should focus on how other players act, trying to decide who may be wolf and who probably isn't. Villagers should also study how other players vote, since voting has killing potential and wolves will generally try to avoid having a teammate killed.

Some villagers have special powers that may be used at night. The most common is the Seer, an otherwise normal villager who may choose a player each night to discover if they are a werewolf. There are other special roles, but each game is different and you will have to refer to either the list of basic roles or your specific game.

The Werewolves (or Mafia)
Werewolves know eachother and can wreak havoc in the early game, but must pretend to be villagers. If the wolves can maintain this act long enough, they coast into an easy win. The two most important facts that the wolves have control over are the night kill and their votes in the lynch. Wolves must use these two facts in a way that makes it look as though someone else is a werewolf. While sometimes a good idea, it's rarely profitable to maul someone who has been publicly claiming that you are a wolf - all it does is make them a martyr, leading to more villagers examining your play. Killing someone who is loudly exclaiming that someone else is a wolf, however, is much more profitable. There comes a time, however, when a player becomes too big a problem for the wolves and simply must die. It's up to you where you draw that line, and will probably take some experience playing as a wolf before you get a good idea for where it should be.

Like the villagers, some wolves have special powers that may be used at night. As with the village, the most common here is the Seer Wolf, an otherwise normal wolf who may choose a player each night to discover what role they have - extremely useful in finding village Seers! Again, there are many other roles, but you'll have to check the role list or your specific game.

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