[Pregame Setup] Mafia TBD: Forgetful mafia

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Mafia TBD: Forgetful mafia

Post by HATER »

Welcome back to mafia, everyone. To be considered a mafia community for champs next year, I assume we have to at least attempt to play one game this year.

So reluctantly, I return to try and host another game. I am hopeful this time because several people over the past couple of motnhs have independently poked me over discord/steam wanting to play a game sometime, so hey. This game might actually be a Thing (tm).

Here's how it works -- it's slightly inspired by this year's champs setup:

All players have a role, picked at random from a pool of roles. All villagers are also Forgetful Townies, meaning that they do not know what their role is until the start of day R3. Mafia know what their roles are from the start and may begin using their roles N1 unless otherwise stated.

Each role has a Mafia Version, an upgraded or changed version of the original role. Mafia are also aware of any roles from the pool of roles that are not used.

I'm gonna shoot for 3 maf, 12 players, but I can make do with an 8p setup too. There will always be more roles in the pool than players in the game.

Pool of roles (may change depending on # of players):


2 shot Vig /1 shot hitman (can't shoot until N3)
2 shot Poisoner / 2 shot poisoner
Gladiator / Gladiator (1-shot Piercing) (Once per game, the gladiator may choose two other players for the next round. Lynch votes during that round are only counted on the Gladiator and the two chosen players. One-shot piercing ability: Once per game, kills made by this player ignore protection).


Standard Doc (Can't protect self or same target twice consecutively / Medic (1-shotNinja) (May protect a player each night. One shot ninja ability: Actions performed by this player can't be seen by trackers, watchers, or voyeurs)
Brute /Brute (Survives any one action that would otherwise kill them)
Jailkeeper /Alien (Alien roleblocks the target and makes them untargetable by all actions)


Cop (Odd night)/Don
Tracker /Observer (Observer tracks and watches each night)
Voyeur / Godfather


Roleblocker / Roleblocker
Politician (vote counts as 2, will survive one lynch) / Smooth Talker Will survive one lynch.
Two-Shot Disabler/Two shot Disabler + One shot redirector (Hospitalizes target, target is publicly listed as hospitalized and unable to vote the following round. One shot redirect: may change the target of all actions originating from a single player to a secondary target. Happens before roleblocks).

Standard rules. 48h speedplay. Timed lynch. LHLV. 2 Game related posts per round. Don't be a cunt.

This is a game for fun, if you join, play like you actually want to play and don't be a douche.

See ya
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Re: Mafia TBD: Forgetful mafia

Post by Numble »

We boolin' bois.
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Re: Mafia TBD: Forgetful mafia

Post by Ish »

A bit late but I'm [in]
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Re: Mafia TBD: Forgetful mafia

Post by Cruxell »

Ish wrote:A bit late but I'm [in]
Thought Hater was hosting a new game lmao
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