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Server Rules

Post by Pukata »

- General nD rules, found in the spoiler below.
  1. No harassing, insulting or flaming.
  2. No racism.
  3. No offensive or pornographic sprays.
  4. No spamming in chat or mic.
  5. No bug abusing.
  6. No advertising.
  7. Do not pretend to be an admin/moderator.
  8. No cheating/hacks (such as aimbot).
In most cases players will receive a certain amount of warning(s) depending on the magnitude of the rule break, before a punishment is given. Please listen to the members of staff (admins/moderators) when they try to explain something to you.
- Do not get teamkilled on purpose! (TIP: don't crouch inside cars, when a teammate is driving)

VIP rules
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