Already declined maps [READ BEFORE SUGGESTING]

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Already declined maps [READ BEFORE SUGGESTING]

Post by Maki »

This is a list of the already declined maps starting of the 12 january 2014.

If you wish to suggest them again, please include very good reasons in a new map suggestion topic to make us change our opinion about it or they'll instantly be declined.

  • cs_assault_necro
  • cs_assault_choc
  • cs_assault_gad
  • cs_assault_die
  • cs_assault_chadi
  • cs_assault2k3
  • cs_assault_sk
  • cs_assault_5053
  • cs_assault_plaxic
  • cs_assault_necro
  • cs_assault_mini
  • cs_assault_christmas
  • cs_assault_rush
  • cs_assault_2013 (CS:S map!)

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