Admin Meeting Outcome 06/04/18

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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 06/04/18

Post by ZeRo#1 »

Pukata wrote:
[email protected] * wrote:i guess this is the problem
Pukata wrote:Main problem is the server freezes when just a few players on. We need to move it onto a new machine before even considering what to do to revive the server, otherwise we will still be stuck with these anoying server-freezes, where server is offline several hours at a time.
we understand the issue of zombie respawn, but is it possible to change KZ server to zombie server?! KZ is pretty useless, the server died, old plugins, 2009 big maps, without any active players i guess, i don't think that attempting of reviving it will be succeed, we can move to a different mode (zombie), me and perhaps many other players have ideas to create awesome and fantastic server.
KZ server barely needs maintenence, while zombie respawn does. Machines have more than enough space to have both kinds of servers running, but zombie is a work-heavy server, similar to deathrun, and too much time would need to be spent on it besides setting it up, time we take away from managing the other servers. Besides managing and adding new stuff, you would need a moderator team, and mods are scarce these days, so would be a no for now.
I do believe much in it that the zombie server would get the players which are needed to make it attractive. We had members inside there long time ago and the server had his times too like even jb has it that it will have way much less players than before for different reasons. But I guess it still was a popular server which many regulars loved to play and to not be able to put a bit effort in it like it get put in JB or DR is sad to hear. There are still running much zombie servers which are not nD and they have many players in it and many zombie players told me just those servers suck. So I kinda would even expect more that nD could find a solution to give those zombie players a home in a great community like we have. And if no zombie server is running we wont even see how much players it will get. There could be atleast a test phase to see how much attention it will get again.
And again my main point is that we as the nD community (the best you can find) who have a lot of smart regulars/members/admins should try our best to create again a place for the ones who love those game mode and work together to make it run again.
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 06/04/18

Post by SaKraN~ »

I hope You Hyperion see you in member and admin you too slink and i'm rly happy for you guys and good luck and watch out 1mistake you will not be member so watch out guys and good luck Bye.
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 06/04/18

Post by F0reveru »

Congratulations with the overall outcome.
For the admin team: I have a brother currently in his 3rd year at University studying Computer Science and Engineering. He has a lot of experience with coding and I asked him whether he would like to help this community coding-wise and his answer was yes. So if you need any help with coding you can contact me.
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 06/04/18

Post by ~LITE~ »

Grz :clap:
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 06/04/18

Post by Wongerz »

Any reason why there hasn't been an admin meeting in three months?
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 06/04/18

Post by stickysteez »

Wongerz wrote:Any reason why there hasn't been an admin meeting in three months?
Busy months, don't worry, there will be an meeting soon!
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 06/04/18

Post by Kurza »

Every one is waiting for a admin meeting tho.
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