I'm out

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I'm out

Post by Mati »

Hello guys,
it became clear to me that it's now time to officially do the step and leave nD. There are too many things that should and do require focus in my life, and I can't have nD whirring around me any longer. Maybe it's a bit overdue, in case anyone is wondering why I didn't leave earlier, it's because I thought it doesn't matter whether I leave or not, I couldn't let go, had to do tasks regularly, and I thought I might get more active later. However, this is now not the case anymore, not if my life keeps processing as I want it to.

I finished my nD todolist, and will leave as of today. Shadi will handle cash, x-regit-x technical tasks. I'm keeping server access in case of emergencies, but won't modify anything without permission.

About me, and some nD history for anyone interested:
An ex-admin called Satoko came up with the idea of a JB server in the middle of 2009. At first Pukata was against it and wanted a KZ server, but Koyumu wanted to go for it, so they tried it out. Some screens from the first JB test. In the first 1-2 weeks when JB started I discovered it too (beginning of July 2009), and instantly became addicted to it. I played a lot for many weeks, and really got into it. I didn't apply instantly because I wanted to become really good game and rule wise first, so I applied as late as the end of augut 2009. At first I got declined, Satoko didn't really like me I think and I also made a fail ban request, but a month later I got accepted.

Few weeks before I wrote my application, when JB was barely one month old, I requested a last request plugin because nD didn't have one. Almost one month later nothing was done still, so I decided to do it myself. I had no adminship, so I tested it on my own server and gave it to an admin to put it on the server. I was the one then who did the very first /lr on nD JB then. :mrgreen: This was the topic when the last request plugin started: http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=751

A bit over 2 months later, beginning of december 2009, the current jb responsible admin left, and appointed me as the new jail team leader. I made this topic, and rewrote the whole jb rules, and created the large guide.

In the end of august 2010 I created the cash and jbshop system, and in the beginning of september 2010 I started writing the achievement system in addtion as well, and made this topic to gather opinions: http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php?f=102&t=7216.

Apart from that I wrote or modified nearly every jb-dependant plugin like the ratio manager, jail voices, open cells, spraycount, fundays, death messages, betting, gambling games, fixes, added many of the ndmenu features like switch, ctban or mute, and a few forum plugins like the thanks mod or tapatalk. To give someone an idea of the extent, achievement and lastrequest plugin alone have nearly 4500 lines of code combined.

I stopped playing actively since ages already though and lately wasn't even active in the background, which is the reason the time has came now.
There is and was so much more happening obviously, but it's impossible to think and go through every good and funny thing that happened. 4 1/2 years is a loong time. Writing down "4 1/2 years" just made me realize how damn long that is, that's a huge number, can't really believe it myself.

Special thanks to:
- Every admin and member that helped contributing to nD
- neonDragon for providing the base and being there when needed
- Koyumu for believing in me when I joined nD and his commanding
- Pukata for being admin for ages and doing a lot of technical work
- QS for having been a good community admin for a long time
- Marksel, Darkness, Liz, Spx, Sergant JJ, Whatever, Fivz, Nexro, Agent Smith, Ancient all the old guys that were there in the beginning and I played so much with and that helped me with JB
- The JB kids
- Agito for providing JB rule base and making me jb team leader
- Shadi for investing a shitload of time and energy into nD and being one of the most important persons to hold the community together
- Lien for never giving up and staying in nD for years, doing an unimaginable amount of work, and for the epic time when I was still active
- Maki for being Maki and the few 10/10 things he managed to bring
- x-regit-x for knowing and doing more than I thought
- East-Clubber for always beeing calm and chill and good to be around
- Laprot for being there since ages and being one of the JB key persons when it comes to ingame stuff and organizing things
- Spato for being a reasonable, long-active person who did a lot
- YGS/Karn for having an epic voice
- apa for being a gamble bro
- All the funtrolls that made me laugh (propz to the lr fish)
- The WW Community altough I might still be playing there
This is a long era that has came to an end for me, and I want to thank everyone that was part of it! Good luck y'all, and cya around.
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Re: I'm out

Post by Maki »

We'll talk on Skype Mati, I'll miss you being part of neonDragon but I can understand your decision although I didn't really want to see it happen.

Love you bro.
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Re: I'm out


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Re: I'm out

Post by Bokito »

Sad to see this

Take care! ;)
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Re: I'm out

Post by SiX »

I can't believe you're leaving Mati, it felt like you were going to stay in nD with us forever.
Know that you did a great job during your career here in nD, so without a doubt will you be missed.

Enjoy real life and see you if you ever return!
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Re: I'm out

Post by Thierry Henry »

Sad seeing such a high class admin leaving.
It's amazing how much you've done for neonDragon server and their players.
Huge thank you from me and enjoy life, I might be talking to you in Skype sometimes ;).

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Re: I'm out

Post by Wannabe »

Cya Mati, Take Care
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Re: I'm out

Post by Shadi »

I've already spammed admin private and I don't really need to tell you what I think of you. I'll miss you being a part of nD in an official position. There's still everything else.

Goodbye and good luck with everything coz you deserve it.

Mati wrote: Shadi will handle cash
don't spam pls
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Re: I'm out

Post by Styx »

Thanks for all you've done for the server, and being important for building nD into what it is today. All the plugins and general work you've done is incredible and nD will suffer a huge loss from you not being here anymore.

Take care, and come back someday.
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Re: I'm out

Post by Jellow »

Gutted :( To me you have always had one of the best views on this as an admin...

Thank you so much for everything you have done in the past and I hope we will be able to enjoy it for a long long time...
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Re: I'm out

Post by Boab The BUILDER »

What will the adult section do now :lol:

Wish you all the best mati.
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Re: I'm out

Post by Spiitzz »

You've always been one of my favourite admins Mati, since the start. Whenever you were on the server it was loads of fun, you used your fancy hand-remote to move different things on the maps, to create differen/special games(like suicide guntoss), it's always been a pleasure to be your "victim" when it came to testing out new plugins late nights. Even tho I'm not playing anymore, I'm pretty sure that nD won't be the same when you aren't in the admin team, they're not only losing an admin, but a piece of this puzzle.

Take care, buddeeeeey!
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Re: I'm out

Post by Karn »

Meeh , this is like really bad news.
You are very smart person , maybe the smartest one out here so you do really calculate every move you make , so if this is happening then it's surely for your best , and thats why I wish you all the very best Mati, you are really a person that contributed a lot to this community

Thanking me for my voice is like thanking you for your awesome piano skills.
With you leaving , this really gave me goosebumps while listening to it , I'll miss you my friend and goodbye.
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Re: I'm out

Post by Juni0r »

Bye mati!
You were a big part of this community and i wish you goodluck in life
And i hope you dont leave forever! ;)

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Re: I'm out

Post by Agent Smith »

even when I haven't posted anything for like 2 years on the forum, i'll make an exception for this one.

Goodbye, old friend, it's been a long time indeed, I still remember when you were fresh to the server and the community. 4,5 years is indeed a long time.
I wish you the best of luck with anything you might do in the future.

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