Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

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Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by Spato »

After the admin meeting today we came to the following conclusions,

New members

* Sultan for nD* Jail
* Darra for nD* Jail
* Ying and Yang for nD* Runner

Applications extended

* Decency
* YamyYugi
* Luna Llena
* Pr0.Gr4mm4


* B.K -> Trial passed
* Dangan -> Trial extended
* Karn -> Trial ended (leaving as a member)
* Bonkers -> Trial passed

Other membership notes

* Black Leader is kicked from the Jail team due to inactivity

Other notes

* Forum rules will be updated/changed, more information soon
* We've started our work on adding a new server
* We will add some improvements to the VIP menu on the Deathrun server
* Regular status has been clarified; Given to a player who is active on more than one server + the forum. Exceptions can be made IF the player is spending several hours a day on a specific server (or serveral, witout any forum activity).
* We will adjust and improve the VIP reward recieved for making a map for nD, more information will be posted there soon
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by Starzy »

First first firstttttt!

Anywho, good job all of you who got accepted and for the ones who passed their trials. Black Leader wasn't really a surprise, anyone could see it coming. Overall, well done! :mrgreen:

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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by RaOoF^ »

Congratulations to the new members!
Good luck for the extended applicants!

And I'm looking forward to the new server!

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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by Lien~ »

Congratulations to Darra as new member and Sultan and Ying for coming back in the team! Good luck to Decency, Yamy, Luna and Programma, you got another 4 weeks to improve on your cons ;) Unlucky that Karn left, it's a shame, a topic regarding that has been made and can be viewed here. Also, too bad for Black Leader, but I guess we all saw that coming anyways. Also, am curious what the 'new server' will be and what will happen regarding the VIP stuff.

Edit: Sorry for those that got declined. Don't worry. Just keep your head up, keep doing the good stuff and feel free to apply again in the (near) future!
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by xReii^ »

Congratz every one , and like starzy said black leader could see it coming he hasn't been active at all i think.
Can't wait for the new server/vip improvements , good job ;)
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by minna »

Congratz to new members especially my one and only lovely sultan <3 (We just talked about this lol)

Too bad you didnt accept giirl :/ I think she would have been a really great asset to the team.

One more edit since i realized that theres two finnish guys accepted. Way to go finland! :D
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by Queijo da Serra »

Congratulations to all of you! :)
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by nBi »

Congratulations to the ones who made it.
And good luck to everyone else.
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by apapaoemama »

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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by YamyYugi »

Spato LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL YumyYagi ??????????
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by ivanici »

Gratz to everbody who maked it and gratz for the new members darra sultan and ying and yang
hope you guys will do something fun now :)
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by Bonkers »

Gratz to the accepted ones!! Well deserved!
This will bring a bit more structure to jailbreak I hope.
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by dArra;] »

Gratz for new members and good luck for extended people! new server? AWESOME!

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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by QuickSilver »

I guess you guys are 2 for 2 now, good job. Also, gratz to the new members and the ones that passed their trials.

DArra and Sultan in the same team, should I get the popcorn ready?
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Re: Admin meeting outcome 7/1/13

Post by Decency »

Gongratz, hope the new members will show themselves worthy!

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