Not going to be around for a while? Post your reasons here so that we don't worry :)
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Post by Swink^ »

Going on a trip to Spain and i'll be back next sunday so you know where I am instead of wondering if i've quit lol.
See yall <3
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Re: Holiday

Post by Supercell »

This is the wrong section to make such a topic. Next time make it here ->

Anyways enjoy ur trip and see ya soon !
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Re: Holiday

Post by Patrick »

Moved it to the correct section.

Have a nice trip :D
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Re: Holiday

Post by Flath »

have fun swink ! Make sure your gaze isn't too creepy on the beach !!

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Re: Holiday

Post by abdi »

Have fun mate!
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Re: Holiday

Post by woOW »

Have fun
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Re: Holiday

Post by voodoo »

have fun m8
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Re: Holiday

Post by Romeo »

Later swink^^
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