Holiday (Not yet!)

Not going to be around for a while? Post your reasons here so that we don't worry :)
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Thierry Henry
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Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by Thierry Henry »

Hungary, the country I went to like twice already.
Starting Tuesday at 03.00 in the morning
By riding on this time we arrive there around 22.00 so we can sleep ;P.

This for 6 weeks.
So till monday night ill be playing a lot :D
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Re: Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by Lien~ »

6 weeks? Damn, I am jealous! Enjoy to the max, and make some nice pictures :) Be carefull out there and listen to your parents :lol:
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Re: Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by SiX »

Have fun there henry!
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Re: Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by GuuhaN »

Hope it will be 6 years :trollface:

Just kidding bro. Have fun man and till monday we're try hard getting 1m nDcash ! :lol:
Geniet er maar alvast van :P
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neonDragon Amdin
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Re: Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by Shadi »

Have fun!
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- Benjamin Franklin
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Re: Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by SoeSope »

Chill 6 weken ...
Niet rwineren daar gevaarlijke boy...
Nah Have Fun m8!
Run for the death
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Re: Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by Maltazard »

Have fun Henry! :)
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Re: Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by SLS »

Have a nice trip mate :b
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Queijo da Serra
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Re: Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by Queijo da Serra »

6 weeks wut!!?!?! Nah, have a nice trip man! xD
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Re: Holiday (Not yet!)

Post by sixon »

Bye bye :(
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