To-Fix List for the Funserver

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To-Fix List for the Funserver

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I've been playing Fun again since about 2-3 days and noticed a lot of bugs and glitches in the server, So I'll just write them down and hope it can be fixed soon.

1, Roll The Dice almost always says it doesn't roll before the round is started, Doesn't matter when you roll.

2, After a round in maps where you can buy guns, You almost always lose your knife and handgun aswell. You also lose the primary gun you buy.

3, In de_dust2 The spawnspots are random, Meaning you cant buy weapons when you spawn which really is a bugger if you also have bug 2 ^.

I can't think of anything else at the moment but if I do find something else, I will edit this topic.
I just want the erver to be functional and get popular since it's the only server that I occasionally play.

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Re: To-Fix List for the Funserver

Post by Unown »

RTD bugging so you will have something forever

(unlimited ammo , godmode) even if u die

until u reconnect
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