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Application For *Runner*

Post by Tenzed »

- Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198958977137/
- NickName: Tenzed
- Age: 18
- Gender: Male
- Experience Level (including any previous admin work): I've been playing Counter-Strike for 8 years now,usually on bhop servers. I've been admin on several servers in my country for example Deathrun servers,Only D2 servers.
- Average amount of time on our servers per day: 2-3 Hours daily
- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? About 4 years ago I started to play here because I found out there is a Speedrun mod, I really liked it and since then I'm still here.
- Do you have a working mic? Yes I do.
Introduction: Hi!My name is Szilárd alias Tenzed from Slovakia. I'm studying in a state high school at the moment, I've been playing bhop/speedrun since 2012.At the beginning i played Deathrun most of the time but I wanted to play something challenging so I decided to play Speedrun.I have several records on maps and i'm known in the bhop community pretty well. I've uploaded some videos that i made on nD and several others, link for my Youtube channel is here --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC7HRT ... subscriber

- Hobbies: Playing with friends,watching movies,working out,reading books
- Other Information: I would like to help the speedrun server with some of my ideas and there are some problems I want to draw attention to.There are many cheaters and they are destroying the joy of playing bhop and I will try my best to provide the best bhop experience.
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Re: Application For *Runner*

Post by Qion~ »

moved to the right section.

okay, going straight to point, i know you wanna give a hand with handling the servers, but, you're missing the basic requirements which we expect from applicants before they become members, and here there are:

1 - Stand out to the crowd & get little familiar:
Honestly this is the first time i see your name, on this application, i don't know about your ingame activity concerning the runner servers, but you still have to stand out to the crowd, give them an idea about who you are, moderate aswell, so people get to know you better

2 - Forum activity/rules:
you just joined forum, and you don't seem to know the rules that well cus you applied on the wrong section (before i move it here), so i suggest you read the Rules carefully so you avoid doing any mistakes in the future

3 - Reports:
as mentioned above, you just joined forum, and you probably got no idea how things work here, you've caught a cheater and you don't know how to report them? you can either use /admin and report the cheater (aim/speed/wallhack) OR use the strikelist (a full guide can be found here : How to report a player via Strikelist)

4 - Application:
pretty short, pretty basic, give a little more details about yourself.

NOTE that it isn't only limited to these requirements mentioned above, because it all comes with maturity, thats why you need to stand out to the crowd, moderate if needed, so you give a picture of yourself, to be specific a picture on how would you handle different kind of situations, also make sure you report cheaters on strikelist.

so what i suggest you to do is CoR (Close on Request) your application, make yourself little famous, work on the points i mentioned, then once you feel you're ready, you're free to re-apply.
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Re: Application For *Runner*

Post by Abooooookkkk »

i am just goonna vote yes because if speedrun server is full or active the server need atleast oone member to guide the new players and i am not gonna write any prbs r cons bcs i dont really know u and gl
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Re: Application For *Runner*

Post by Sloth »

I don't think u should CoR imo. The runner servers needs moderation and as far as I know there hardly ever are anyone over there moderating. If you have playtime and lots of recognition in the running servers I don't rly see why they should ever completely disown you. Speedrun players hardly ever keep contact with the Jail players so I don't find the "community recognition" as a huge con.

I'm voting blank but I wish you good luck and definitely don't give up!
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Re: Application For *Runner*

Post by MADLIFE! »

Hi Tenzed,
I would like to help the speedrun server with some of my ideas and there are some problems I want to draw attention to.There are many cheaters and they are destroying the joy of playing bhop and I will try my best to provide the best bhop experience.
Nice to see that you have apply to help with the speed-run server, I would like to ask you to make reports of these "cheaters" so we can see what you are and deal with them.
Plus you can make a topic on the forums with your ideas so we can all talk about them, this will show us how you might be as a runner member. I would also like to see you join our other servers to get to know the rest of the community.

Will edit this at a late date with a final conclusion, Best of luck.
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Re: Application For *Runner*

Post by Fish »


We are very pleased to have applications for the runner team. However, you have been awfully quiet since you posted your application. On the other hand, we see you are very active in-game. Try to engage more in community discussions and stand out before the next meeting. Get to know our regulars and maybe visit one of the other servers.
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Re: Application For *Runner*

Post by Voropoulo »


We'd like from you to work on your forum activity so we and the community get to know you better. Also, we noticed a drop to your activity the past 2 months. Once you work on those, and you feel ready, you can re-apply.

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