[CoR] Guess Who's back.

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Thierry Henry
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Re: Guess Who's back.

Post by Thierry Henry »

You probably dont know me as I dont play zombie that often..
Ive seen you a lot on the forums though and judging your forum posts you are a mature and friendly guy who helps people out a lot aswell.
These 3 things are big pros that you already have in your pocket :D
GL with your application just wanted to say you seem like a cool guy and if you know the rules etc. and behave about the same way ingame as on the forums, you´d be a great addition for the member team.
"Donkey by L.F. Donkey" -mR#KaitoKid
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Re: Guess Who's back.

Post by Evil-homer »


We were very close to accepting your application but have decided to extend as your activity at both the forums and in game have dropped since posting this thread , we want to make sure you still intend to be active and so encourage you to stay active if this is what you want
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Re: Guess Who's back.

Post by ICantFly »


I am sorry but I found myself addicted again. I have been playing and nothing else. Thanks for everything!! I would like to cancel my app.

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