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Re: SIG #1st Try

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Queen's Revenge wrote:
Bravo wrote:Just a friendly reminder for you two and other people who will post on this app, this is a zombie application and not for jail membership. Just thought I would mention that as people tend to mostly apply for jail.
He will most likely end up moderating JB a lot more than ZM, so it does matter to mention it.

Hi Sig Miss, I believe it's too early for you to apply for the following reasons:

- You lack maturity, and that will only come with time
- I believe your knowledge (I'm not talking about rule knowledge here) for the nD ZM server is very limited, nor do you seem to care about it enough to take care of it in it's early stages
- You lack common sense -> it can be seen in most of your reports that you don't know what's worth punishing or not. Above that, you tryhard a lot of times in order to get yourself a report you can make.
There've happend radio spam but you somehow only mentioned Doeda and OTHERS so it seems to me that you've been aiming on him to find mistakes he do.
This is what Zero said on your report on doeda. Unfortunately you do this a lot and it would be a disaster if you had powers.
- I believe you could find cheaters, but atm it isn't really needed
- Lack of rule knowledge, in both ZM and JB
SIG MISS wrote:so, lets talk about the main part, so i just noticed that the zombie server need a member
Medz is 9/10 (if not 10/10) times on the ZM server whenever there's people there. It isn't needing that much moderation atm, besides the occasional "pls watch out to not push people with DD" that you are guilty of aswell.
SIG MISS wrote: and i know the best way to speak with the abusers let them calm down and they won't do what they were doing again!
Both you and I know this is not true. I have never seen you acting calm and talking to rulebreakers in a calm way. A lot of times you were the one that needed to be talked to. Your recent fight with doeda shows that very well.
I really don't like the fact that you paint yourself as this "peace and love" guy when we all know it is very much the opposite, and for me that is worse than any of the "cons" I gave you.
Rhyme wrote:Sig miss, Not gonna lie your application is poorly done, and my eyes are red right now
He inherited colorblindness from you :roll:

I respect all the points you said above and I will try to improve on them but I want to clarify that I have been unbanned on (Tue May 07, 2019 7:22 pm) and since then I have done my best to improve.
You need to behave.
Because Everyone Beats The Bad Boy, And Got to The Prison.]
Keep That in Your Mind.
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Re: SIG #1st Try

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Closed on request.

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