[Accepted] Luna's Application #2

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Re: Luna's Application #2


SiX wrote:Possitive:
- Cheerful
You're always so possitive and spreads a good atmosphere on the server(s) you're playing on.
- Experiensed
You've been a member before
- Age & Maturity
You've the required age and you seem to be mature.
- Rule knowledge
You seem to have a decent grip on the rules in different servers
- Application
You've a really long application which is well detailed.
- Old regular, shows dedication
You've been here for a long time and you show dedication by applying once again.

- Moderating
When I played with you in jailbreak some weeks ago, I didn't see you moderate. However, things might have changed now by the time.
- Forum activity
I would like to see you on the forums some more. Yes, you do browse the forum but I would like to see you participate in some discussions.
- Reports
You're well aware of what's required for an accepted report, but you've lacked in creating them lately.

- None that matters

I feel I've explained everything necessary so far.
You've a yes from my side, good luck furthermore!
Gotta agree to this!
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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by wei »

Thank you all guys for the replies. I will work on my cons^^
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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by Coby »

Hey luna :) you're a very sweet and kind person and I think you have most of the qualities for a member, everyone seems to like you even do we havn't really talked much.
I think you'd be a good member overall but sometimes you can act a little immature, but who dosn't. I think you picked a very bad time to applie though since the admin meeting is in like ~ 2 days I think since it's in the start of the month so I think you'll be extended ^^ anyways sorry for balbering too much, you have my yes and good luck!
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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by Falastiny »

Hello there,
Gonna put it all in a simple way and not a massive text wall so yeah :).


* Pretty active in the zombie servers and knows the rules, (on a side note, she is also active in other servers aswell...such as JB, and the zombie server still needs some active moderation).

* Mature enough to know what has to be made in each situation, and how to handle these.

* Oldschool player and well experienced. ( You have simply been around for sometime, you have seen the changes taking place and know what good/bad of an effect it had on the players)

* A former member, (Knows the rules and should not be a problem catching it back up)

The cons is pretty much known so far.

You got my Yes, best of luck :)
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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by uhu »


Welcome to the team! Contact me on steam for the details.
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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by Gotouda Aki »

Congratulation, Luna! :D
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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »

Fastest apply accepted just wow wow

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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by Spiitzz »

Bixplus wrote:Fastest apply accepted just wow wow

It's a girl you know
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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by Lien~ »

Omg, just omg. Very well deserved. Welcome back in the team hunny <3 Let's own some ass in Zombie :D

@Sp!!tZz^!!<3; Luna being a girl has nothing to do with the fact she got back in!
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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by Queijo da Serra »

Congratulations luna! :D
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Re: Luna's Application #2

Post by Shadi »

Congrats "member" :P

Now where are the pics you promised the admin team? :trollface:
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Re: [Accepted] Luna's Application #2

Post by Maltazard »

Congratulations Luna! :mrgreen:
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Re: [Accepted] Luna's Application #2

Post by xReii^ »

Gratz =)
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Re: [Accepted] Luna's Application #2

Post by Maki »

Congrats Luna, make sure to let things slide from time to time & you should be fine!
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Re: [Accepted] Luna's Application #2

Post by minna »

Congratz luna :)
Like i said i still have something i would like to ask/talk to you about. So next when im on, ill contact you :)
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