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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by ZnK »

I did edit the first post.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Dangan »

I was quite surprised to see you joining Zombie team O.o
You were a good member in Fun servers and I'd be more confident about calling a vote, if you'd apply for Fun since I never play Zombie.
Good luck for your application.

Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Maki »

You are as inactive and it came to my surprise that you applied. At first I voted yes but then I removed my post and thought about it again.

You are inactive, you never play on Zombie and the few times you play, it is on Jailbreak, you surely do not play up to 6 hours a day, I even doubt you play one or two hours a day to be honest.

You never help in game the few time you play, and did not try to report or anything. Your previous application (before the edit) was kinda like a " I don't want to bother trying to tell who I am " and the only thing you added right now is a copy paste of your previous application, even though it is the same, you could've put more efforts in your application and actually done a different one than your first application. Makes me wonder if you really want to be accepted or just don't care about it.

Also @ Jump. The Zombie servers don't really require moderation nowadays, and it shouldn't be put as a pro knowing it doesn't judge on his abilities.

I'm kinda surprised to see how most of the people that voted on your application had a positive impression of you and put "Inexistant" pros (inexistant because you don't deserve them). You don't deserve it and those that just vote yes because they're your friend or so should just not vote at all. It's getting slightly annoying to see how someone that is inactive and don't move his ass can get yes' so easily.

It's a no from me.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Jumps7yl3r »

@ Maki : Don't really play a lot of zm so ofc you know best about the neediness of moderation there but since the zm is packed 24/7 i thought it might need + i didn't just write my pros cause i know him from long ago.... i wrote them from what I saw and from my past experience with him as a member just so you know.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Sexypanda »

With the anti-block plugin and addition of the donation feature (which imo made the zombie community much more friendly) moderation is pretty easy at zombie, just looking out for hackers and kicking afks mostly.

But still quite confused on why znk applied for zombie since he's pretty inactive there. o.o
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Shadi »

What I'm personally gonna do is watch whether he becomes active from now on or not, I know he'll be a decent addition if he's active. That's the only doubt there is.

According to the only source I can check all I can check is how much people named "Znk" or similar have played the last 30 days (Gametracker) and the current amount is not impressive nor adequate. There's no doubt about you being member material or not, despite some attitude tweaks, but activity and determination might be the challenge you have to fight. So let's see how it goes. It's all you have to do to get my vote, because I know you can and it's well-deserved once you're there for the server.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by koed dude »

Just want to point out a few things about your application and activity. Most old school people know you and you posted a first application so I understand why you didn't make a huge application. And I also remember Waffle doing the same and not getting the same negative replies that are being posted here, even doing a worse application. Here's the link http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=11387 . A good application isn't always the one with the most lines of text but the most honest ones instead. This application was fine before you edited if you ask me.

About your moderation you've always been a great member and always been fair and neutral about everything. It's np to give you powers, at all.

It's also np to apply for zombie if you play other servers and Makiavel should know that the better. Don't even know how he has the face to say that you play more jailbreak than zombie when he does it more than any member. You don't need to be playing only at the server where you belong to, it's np to play on other servers and moderate all servers globally.

Also Makiavel, saying "the zombie servers don't need moderation" is, I'm sorry to say, the most stupid thing a member could ever say. I don't get how a moderator can say that moderation isn't required. Any applicant should be considered to be member and it's never enough of moderators because there's never enough of them. You should know this, I'm surprised you dont. To be honest your whole post sounds resentful and jealous of ZnK for unknown reasons.

Don't see a problem with him applying for zombie, or fun, or jail since he plays any of those and knows the rules of any of them. That can only be positive.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Maki »

You seem to be aggressive and not understand my post it seems. I just point out that the only server he is active (If you can call that active) is Jail. He almost never plays on zombie and this means he doesn't deserve to be accepted as a Zombie Member.

Also, I'm not the only one to call it, with the additional plugins (semiclip and so) , there is no real need for moderation on Zombie. The few moderation there needs to be is the harassers and hackers which do not happen often. You would then again know this if you play on the Zombie servers for yourself but as it seem you don't, I've nothing to add on this point. When one does not know what is going on a server, you don't go talking about it, thank you dear koed dude.

It is a problem to give him powers he do not deserves, he is inactive and does not really play, does not show motivation or determination to join the team again and his application is poor, really poor. The only addition he gave after people told him about it was a copy paste from his old application.

Yes it is no problem to play on other servers and moderate them (something I do pretty often when I was active, currently on a break) but no, it is not alright to moderate on jailbreak as a member of the Zombie team and never play on the Zombie servers.

People talk about his activity and shizz, I got nothing to say about his past membership, although rough from moment to moment, he was perfectly fine. But we are in the present and not the past, there is currently no material to judge in and you should not only judge on his previous capacities. People can change a lot in half a year, motivation change and so on.

Still a no from me anyway.
koed dude
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by koed dude »

Maki I respect your opinion and all I just pointed was my point of view as well. I don't see why you wana argue my view on znk. The recruitment corner is for us to give feedback on the applicants, not to argue why they don't deserve being member. And not for arguing with me. You gave your point of view and I gave mine, so why are you discussing my point of view with me lol? You're a moderator you should know better than arguing in this section.

You're preaching out that znk doesn't deserve to be accepted because he plays on other server, and you state he doesn't play at all almost. But how I see it you're being hypocrit. You do the same stuff yourself then tell znk he shouldn't be doing it -.-. You're not that active yourself and I always see you on the jailbreak server and you're on the zombie team? Grow up.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Waschera »

koed dude wrote:Maki I respect your opinion and all I just pointed was my point of view as well. I don't see why you wana argue my view on znk. The recruitment corner is for us to give feedback on the applicants, not to argue why they don't deserve being member. And not for arguing with me. You gave your point of view and I gave mine, so why are you discussing my point of view with me lol? You're a moderator you should know better than arguing in this section.
I just want to point this out koed. You are saying here that he should not argue about oppinions. If you watch first post you did, and watch it carefully, it was you that started to argue about maki's oppinion.

For you Znk, my oppinion is the same as many others. The application wasn't good i am sad to say and you have not been playing enough to somewhere close to get a membership.
I am sorry Znk but it's a no from me also. Good luck
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by uhu »

I've seen how you moderate and how you judge situations to be sure that you are more than capable of being fair and impartial no matter the issue. Adding your rule knowledge and experience in this community along with your ability to know when to let go or to report.

The only problem I see here is your activity. A few months ago you became very inactive to the point of being kicked. However the last few weeks I've seen you online very often and playing counter-strike regularly. This doesn't seem like an issue to me any longer so I don't see why not let you be member. You've even earned the perm ban tool wich is only given to the most fair and loyal members of the community on a sidenote.

You've got my yes for sure.

Good luck.

note: Each one is entitled to his/hers own opinion and as such let's not bully each other when our opinions differ.
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Laprot the Freekiller »

Totally agree with uhu
ZnK was one of the best members of nD before, very loyal and spent lots of time on this community.
I´m not that active atm, but if you are; then it shouldn´t beany doubts for you getting back in.
Good luck hope you get it :)
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Spato »

Yes, ZnK was a great member before. He recieved the permban tool, showed responsibility and did a good job. In fact I had no complaints about him before when I was a regular and then a member and I had never seen any. If you manage to get back to that your chances should be good.
AIK <3
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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by ICantFly »

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Re: Application: ZnK

Post by Jellow »

You edited your first post but the application is still among the worst i've seen.

Ive seen ur posts on te forums and you seem like an intelligent person and judging from most replies ur alright at what u wanna do as a member. So the fact that the application is so short in my eyes can only come from a lack of motivation.
Therefore im unable to gove a yes, therefore a no from side.

But I suppose when you got 3 admins to back you up in ur application then there wont be much use of a vote.

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