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Re: Official Movie Thread!

Post by Flath »

Nahhhh comon uhu, there is too much supernatural effects to be a good movie, no suspence at all and i am not even speaking about the most courageous girl in the world who goes to fight a crazy spirit in the wood armed with a camera.. The only moment i got surprised is when the gf kills her boyfriend in the hotel room with her friend. I also liked the doctor
I will watch the second movie but just for movie knowledge

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Re: Official Movie Thread!

Post by uhu »

aha the whole movie scared the shit out of me it's why i liked it so much :P

watch the 2nd part with your speakers at max I bet you will need new boxers!

but serious now, the movie is a low budget like paranormal activity and you can see it's somehow crappy filming so they did what they could, and with that cheap budget I think they did a pretty good job so i fckin love it

glad you watched it mate! ;)
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