fudge you east clubber.

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Re: fudge you east clubber.

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Wut?! :trollface:
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Re: fudge you east clubber.

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:D :D :D
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Re: fudge you east clubber.

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Mystic wrote:
Cruxell wrote:
Mystic wrote:
Waffle wrote:sorry I jsut wanted to make A random Adrunk popst now that i0m drunk for once, and remember the forums..also uhu told me to post, so blame him. naw, but mystic.. i'm waiting for your random post in reply.. also whatever.. BAI BAI
did you know female kangaroos have 3 vaginas? I tested them all myself
Actually it's one main vagina plus two side vaginas.
1 + 2 = 3 that is correct you absolute genius
Yes but are these two real vaginas?
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Re: fudge you east clubber.

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Fudge you half polish ex admin.
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Re: fudge you east clubber.

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Omg a drunk post from waffle....is this 2016? :)))
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